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July's Last Sunday


Today I nerded it up and read a few pages from my friend’s personal training certification text book.  . . . here is what I read (and can remember off the top of my head) about select minerals:

  • calcium – participates in muscle contraction
  • phosphorous – helps creating short-term memory
  • magnesium – critical for energy metabolism
  • zinc – helps oxygenate the blood
  • copper – helps produce oxygen
  • chloride – maintains fluid and electrolyte balance
  • potassium – an electrolyte that helps maintain good hydration

I also learned a little about joints; in particular about a certain fluid called Synovial Fluid. Synovial fluid is found in the cavities of  synovial joints. The primary role of synovial fluid is to reduce friction between the of articular cartilage synovial joints during movement.

After doing a (semi) crazy core workout, reading, watching several you-tube videos, and running 3.2 miles, I can conclude that July’s last Sunday was a great one.

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