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Busy Week

Nov 6, 2012

Last week was incredibly busy/rewarding. I returned from Washington DC,caught up on editing, and met with several Brides-to-be for 2013 weddings. I made some new dishes for dinner (quinoa pasta + lemon baked tilapia, spicy tortilla soup with baked tortilla shell strips, and orange ginger stir fry with rice noodles). Willie keeps me company in the kitchen. Friday evening left for Dubuque, Iowa. Saturday morning did an engagement session with Hannah & Matt. Then explored historic Dubuque and checked out some pawn shops and spotted more than a few beautiful Victorian Houses. Drove home and relaxed. Sunday hosted a Packer Party; made eggroll-mozz sticks and caramel chocolate brownies. I left mid-way for a family photo session with a family I photographed exactly a year ago. This time, we included their horse Tilley. Overall it was a wonderful start to November.
iPhone4s snaps . . .

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