Today is Valentines Day. And like most other days, today is perfect.
My office smells like Starbucks. I am a daily master at virtual hoarding ((pinterest)) I will devour ice cream any time it is offered. I literally use a bottle of sweetly scented lotion a week. I watch the sun come up and go down every day from my office. I receive incredibly nice emails daily. My office is a short commute across the living room. The gym is a short walk up the stairs. Leo doggy sleeps by my feet , Willie chases the mouse on my computer screen, and Zudy talks to the birds on the feeder.
Yesterday I went to Madison and had coffee with Amy (2013 Bride) and then I had lunch at the Vintage Brewery with Katie (2013 Bride).

Good communication + a strong friendship with my clients

is vital for my personal happiness + success of my work.

In the evening I snuggled in bed and became completely buried in The Other Boelyn Girl by Phillippa Gregory. 

Today I am editing a wedding, an engagement session, cupcake photos (i am drooling), and two family sessions. Willie is in my lap.

Happy Valentines Day! Do something you love!

Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after  //  Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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