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Looking at old photo-work is like listening to old mix-tapes.
Some people might call me crazy, but I have always placed a lot of importance on the musical taste of my potential mate. Maybe it’s silly, but music matters to me. I actually love it when a boy introduces me to fun, new bands. But, I hold a tremendous importance in sharing a common theme. A person’s taste in music tells me a lot about them and if I find that we have similar likes I already feel a strong friendship brewing. If you dig Kings of Leon. You are on the right track.
Jamming out to older compilations brings me the same satisfaction that revisiting old photos does. Listening to mixtapes (aka: mix cds) rewinds so many flashbacks – – where i was, what i was thinking, what i was eating, what i was wearing, what i was driving. Looking at old photo-work brings backs so many flashbacks – – the weather, what shoes i was wearing, the clients, what i was feeling, the weight of my gear, what i was laughing about, how fast my ideas were spinning, & the pure enjoyment/stress/confusion/excitement/anxiety of the occasion.
Here are some photos from Pittsburgh, PA. I love that city. I love it’s bridges, pubs, industrial buildings, shipping yards, train tracks, and traffic congested tunnels.

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