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 Am I dreaming? April 2013 just may be the greatest April ever – – Studio 29 has been featured 4 times this month! ((Bayside Bride, Diet Pepsi, & Inspired by This))

I am happy to announce Andrea + Jerry’s

Engagement Session is featured on HiFi Weddings! Check it out HERE!

For the last 6 years, these two have fallen in love with each other, their love of dogs and each other’s families. They are also fond of anything to do with Mat Kearney, Band of Horses, and Bon Iver.  In some of the photographs, you will see an acronym “NOGLYMTID”, this has been the couples ongoing way to say I love you in a unique way.  It branches from Band of Horses lyrics, “No one’s gonna love you more than I do”.  The couple has incorporated it into their everyday lives as a fun and different way to express their feelings.  This was even used when Jerry proposed to Andrea about a year ago.  Jerry had Andrea go on a scavenger hunt for different postcards scattered around the house. Each postcard had a letter and a clue to the next one. There were 9 postcards, each with reasons why Jerry loved Andrea along with a letter from “NOGLYMTID”. When all put together, the final clue led her to where Jerry was present with the most beautiful ring she could ever have imagined! These two really enjoy surprising one another by writing NOGLYMTID in the most random places!
Jerry and Andrea also love to cook….and eat! This is probably the one hobby in which they spend the most time together. Every night is a different meal out of a magazine or cookbook. Everyone has to eat, so you might as well eat good food!

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