A+N // Meet the Newlyweds-to-Be // Milwaukee


This weekend I Andrea+Nick are tying the knot. Meet the couple . . . .
Nick: At the base of a lighthouse in Fonf Du Lac after a few failed attempts
Andrea: Nicholas proposed at a lighthouse that we visit each year, Every year we go to a pumpkin farm that Nicholas went to as a child. After we picked pumpkins and ate caramel apples he took me to a high scenic overlook tower that we usually visit, but he panicked halfway up (he is quite afraid of heights). I thought is was odd that he was upset bc he never gets upset. We then went to the lighthouse over the harbor after walking around the park. Of course when we got there the lighthouse was locked for some reason, again Nicholas was upset and I was confused lol. We then went around the back of the light house and he asked me if I loved him and I said of course and then he got down on one knee and asked me if I would love him forever and marry him.  Of course
What was her reaction?
Nick: Lots of hugs, “yes’s” & tears
Andrea: I was very surprised. I knew he was going to propose eventually but he planned the day in such a way that I had no idea he had a ring and was planning to propose. Of course I said yes. I think his proposal was perfect for us.
Would you rather vacation at the beach or in the mountains?
Nick: Beach
Andrea: beach
How do you get through Mondays?
Nick: The baby cats
Andrea: Drink A Lot of Coffee!
What are your favorite pizza toppings?
Nick: Cheese
Andrea: mozzarella and prosciutto
What is your favorite smell?
Nick: Steak
Andrea: lilacs
Favorite thing to do together?
Nick: Travel, go on adventures to new places
Andrea: Go for motorcycle rides, try new restaurants, patio sit, hang out with our two cats (our kitty babies) & visit museums
Would you like to be an astronaut?
Nick: Yes
Andrea: Nope
Nicknames for each other?
Nick: Boobear
Andrea: Booboo, Bubs (weird IK lol) , Babe
Do you eat the frosting first on a cake?
Nick: Both
Andrea: No, not a huge frosting fan
What did you like best about your hometown?
Nick: Milwaukee, always something to do/going on
Andrea: Cedarburg, Quiet, lots of green space
What are you most looking forward to on wedding day?
Nick: Being able to enjoy all the work involved and starting the rest of my life with Andrea.
Andrea: Marrying my best friend. I cant wait to say my vows to him 🙂

 I am looking forward to celebrating with them this weekend! xx


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