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Amanda + AJ Engaged // Oconomowoc // Studio 29 Photography

Sep 10, 2013

Want to know the secret for getting the most fun engagement photos? (A fluffy white pup is only part of the answer)
Amanda + AJ’s engagement session was nothing short of perfect.
They nailed all of The Studio 29 Secrets on how to have a successful & fun engagement session . . .
A+A chose to wander around a barn only minutes from their home. // Starting off in a familiar location—anywhere from your living room to your favorite  cafe— makes it easy to get comfy during the session

It wasn’t hard to get A+A close to each other. // The more affection you show, the better your pictures will look.
They brought their fluffy friend, Vinny along for photos! // Including a pet takes so much pressure off. It gives you something to interact with instead of being focused on me and my camera stalking your every move. 
We had the most amazing morning for our session! // believe that good lighting is, vital in achieving beautiful & fun photos. I love meeting my clients an hour or two before the sun goes down OR early in the morning. I also LOVE overcast days with winks of sun light. I try to avoid shooting midday because when the sun is directly overhead it creates wicked-harsh shadows & bright pools of light which equals squinty eyes and unflattering shadows. 
They chose the perfect comfy, yet classy outfits! // Wear something you feel amazing in! When choosing your outfits, your colors should also play off your location—bold hues for gritty, urban environment, and softer shades are ideal for home or a rustic setting. Bring along, one formal outfit & one everyday/casual outfit. 
They brought hand-made Speech Bubbles! // Feel free to bring props & accessories that apply and represent elements/inside jokes/stories that relate to your relationship. “You made it so fun! I did not feel uncomfortable at all” -Amanda //  The most important tip for incredible engagement photos is, to Love your Photographer!

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