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Once upon a time (July 24th) I was sitting on a plane in Chicago waiting for the pilot’s instructions to, “Please power down all electronic devices for takeoff.” I was heading to Pittsburgh for an engagement session.
I was thumbing through my phone when the most exciting email I had ever received came through – – it was an email from Amanda, the editor from Ruffled, stating that Andrea + Jerry’s wedding submission had been approved!
After reading this email I immediately looked at the person next to me and said, “I know this means nothing to you … but my work is going to be on Ruffled!” Wide-eyed & weirded-out the man looked at me, smiled, and put his headphones in his ears.
Shaking with excitement, my next step was to update Facebook status and share how incredibly giddy I was, without exposing the secret about the feature. After 135 “Likes” and 20 Comments, I was very happy to see that others were just as excited as I was.
I am sincerely grateful to Andrea + Jerry for choosing me (studio 29)  as their wedding photographer.  I am extremely thrilled that their wedding has been shared with so many more people today, thanks to Ruffled.
My work has been featured before, but, this is truly the icing on the cake, because Ruffled is/has been my ultimate favorite wedding inspirational blog.
Enjoy the feature!

Check out their Wedding on Ruffled HERE


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