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Alyssa + Chad // Muskego Wedding


Just a quick preview from yesterday’s wedding . . .
Thank you  Alyssa + Chad for choosing me as your wedding photographer & for the lovely gift bag with all of the amazing coffee treats!!! xo
studio29_photography_2429 studio29_photography_2433 studio29_photography_2430 studio29_photography_2472 studio29_photography_2439 studio29_photography_2440 studio29_photography_2441 studio29_photography_2442 studio29_photography_2443 studio29_photography_2454 studio29_photography_2445 studio29_photography_2451 studio29_photography_2446 studio29_photography_2448 studio29_photography_2450 studio29_photography_2453 studio29_photography_2447 studio29_photography_2452 studio29_photography_2455 studio29_photography_2456 studio29_photography_2457 studio29_photography_2458 studio29_photography_2460 studio29_photography_2461 studio29_photography_2463 studio29_photography_2464 studio29_photography_2466 studio29_photography_2465 studio29_photography_2468 studio29_photography_2467 studio29_photography_2469 studio29_photography_2470 studio29_photography_2449 studio29_photography_2471 studio29_photography_2473 studio29_photography_2459

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