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My clients are awesome because we can speak in hashtag lingo and it is not in the least bit weird … #itsbetter.
This weekend I am going to Appleton to witness and take photos at The Appleton Beer Factory.  AND I am super excited because I also get to see one of my favorite 2014 couples; Jeska + Brent!
J+B are two of the coolest people I know. I love Jeska’s excitement for wedding day. This was her #IncrediblyAwesome status on fb yesterday;
“3 years ago today, when Brent walked through the door at a party and I called “DIBS!” I had no idea I’d be calling dibs for my future husband. I don’t know how he does it, but that man loves me to no end and makes it seem effortless. I know this because when we first started dating, he told me he was playing Cribbage with the guys and I replied “like…Harry Potter? You’re flying?”(Dead serious, I had never heard of Cribbage)…and he still continued to date me after politely correcting me “No, Cribbage…not Quidditch.” Happy “dating” Anniversary to the CFO! Now can April 26th hurry up? Sooo ready to be the wife of that stallion.”
See you two in a few days! xo
I ALSO will be bumping into one of my FAVORITE 2013 couple’s . . . Jessica + Alex.
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