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My Gear + Tools – Winter 2014 // Studio 29 Photography

Feb 11, 2014

What lets me do what I do ?? 
Two Canon 5D Mark III // I sling two cameras
Canon 60D // backup camera
50 mm 1.2 // favorite lens
35 mm 1.4
85 mm 1.2
24 mm 1.4 II
TS-E 24 mm  3.5L II
24-70 mm  2.8L II 
40 mm 2.8
15 mm 2.8
8 Transcend Memory Cards 16GB/32GB
Millions of AA Batteries
ONA Union Street Camera & Laptop Messenger Bag
600EX-Rt Speedlite, Two 430ex II Speedlite
Canon EOS M // street photography & personal fun
Fuji X-M1 // street photography & personal fun
Canon AE-1 // BW personal fun
GoPro Hero 3 // personal fun vids
Adobe Photoshop CS6 & Adobe Lightroom 5 & Stomped & ProPhoto Blog
iMac with a gazillion backup WD Hard-Drives
iPhone 5s
iPad 2
Burt’s Bees Chapstick
My supportive boyfriend
Plenty of Coffee

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