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This week Taco Bell launched its new breakfast menu.
I love tacos. Correction. I love unbasterdised tacos.
Lucky for my taco craving, I planned a double-date-dinner with one of my 2014 couples at BelAir Cantina. #genius
BelAir is a legit and highly recommended Mexican  restaurant in the Lower East Side of Milwaukee.
I have been itching to go to here, since I met Caleb, because he has a BelAir Bull sticker on his car.
The wait for a table was about an hour, so we went across the street and had a drink at Finks.  I love when things work out perfectly.
Once we were seated, the waitress informed us it was $2 Taco Tuesday & Happy Hour, so of course we took full advantage of this amazing steal-of-a-deal!
The food was incredible. The service was personable and the wait for our food was minimal. Just enough time to devour our entire basket of tortilla chips served with four types of crazy-good salsa, ranging in color, heat, and taste. #yummo
I ordered 2 tacos and 1 tamale; the Al Pastor Marinated (pork with dried chilis and achiote layered with pineapple and broiled on a spit, and topped with cilantro, onions and salsa verde), Black Bean And Corn (whole black beans and grilled corn topped with queso fresco, sliced avocado, cilantro, and creme), and the Veggie Tamale (traditional south mexican style tamale stuffed with black beans & whole kernal corn topped with salsa roja and pico de gallo) Caleb tried three other tacos choices, a beef, pork, and chicken. Bonus! When you order three tacos, rice and beans are free!
Until yesterday, a medley of such yummy tacos, hip atmosphere, cheap drinks, and great company had been folklore to me.
I will be dining at BelAir in the near future. You should too.
Photos taken with Fuji X-M1.
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BelAir Cantina Milwaukee, Wisconsin // Studio 29 Photography

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