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Recently, Caleb and I went to Goodkind with some friends for Sunday Brunch. I cannot put into words how fantastic this place was. Our entire brunch was one to rave about several hours after the meal had ended.

With new restaurants popping up at record pace, I believe that Milwaukee is developing some serious culinary-cred. Neighborhoods like Bay View and Walker’s Point have become the ideal hub for interesting eateries, all looking to take advantage of the untouched corridors of the historic Milwaukee neighborhoods.

Food ordered: Whipped Tofu (Avocado Toast, Rapini, Mama Lil’s Pickled Peppers) & the Venetian Mushroom Dumpling (Fried Egg, Spinach Purée, Beer Syrup)

Between the four of us we sampled several of their uncommon cocktails. My ultimate favorite was the intoxicating + fully caffeinating “Get off my lawn!” (Old Grand-Dad 100 Proof, Chicory Tincture, Simple Syrup, Cold Press Coffee Ice Cube, Orange Zest)

Another compliment to be given is in regard to both the exterior & interior of the restaurant. They are definitely ALL about aesthetics.

I am almost certain the entire restaurant was designed for the Instagram-Era: full of light, rare textures, and whimsical plating.

Thank you Goodkind for being so darn GOOD!

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