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Oct 13, 2016

I work best in the morning – after my daily routine of making the bed, opening all the shades (let there be light), making coffee, watering my plants, a little vacuuming, and tidying up the living room which is usually scattered with about 10 or more dog toys. All I need to get my day started is iced coffee, my computer, and a great internet connection!
The best part about my workspace is the natural light, the desk Caleb built me, my antique Toledo Stool we found after years of searching, and that Kenzo is always laying by my side.
I love working from home – just another reason why my job is the best in the world!
Welcome to the Studio 29 Photography Home Office sneak-peek . . .

studio 29 photography studio 29 photography studio 29 photography studio 29 photography studio 29 photography studio 29 photography

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