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100 Things I Love // On My Mind Monday

Jan 30, 2017

100 Things I Love // On My Mind Monday Week 5

Holy Cow! We are already 5 weeks into 2017 – – time is flying!!!!
With that said, I wanted to take time this Monday to step back and appreciate all that I have.
For this week’s On My Mind Monday I decided to list of 100 Things I Love. They are not in any particular order, I just started typing away. I think was a really great self-reflection exercise and I enjoyed doing it. I also think it will be fun to do this list next year, and see what things stay the same and what things change!
Can you list 100 things you love?? It is not that difficult once you get started! Once you have made this list, you will have 100 things to look back and smile at if you are having a bad day.
This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links I’ll receive a commission from Amazon.

  1. My Husband, Caleb: married July of 2016 and I love him more every single day. He gives me confidence. He inspires me. He impresses me. We are different and similar in all the right ways. We just “click.”
  2. Kenzo doggy: our 2 1/2 year old, sable coated, American Akita. Licking everyone and anything is his favorite.
  3. My Family
  4. My Friends
  5. Our Soda Stream: Gifted from my sister in law for Christmas. I use it every day, I think it tastes better than La Croix, and I never seem to run out!
  6. My Cameras: currently insanely in love with my Canon Mark IV and my Nikon 810.
  7. Alexa + Echo Dot (click for exact links to amazon)
  8. My Audible subscription
  9. Lindt Dark Chocolate – the darker the better
  10. My Motorcycle: Honda CB360, 1974
  11. My Pure Fix Bicycle
  12. Being a home owner.
  13. Decorating and curating every entity of our home
  14. Coffee: I prefer iced any day over hot coffee, but I’ll take it however I can get it. When Caleb and I travel we always scope out the coffee scene so we can try what the locals drink. It is fun to compare it to the coffee we have in Milwaukee. We are so lucky and grateful to live in an area with so many options and really great quality brews.
  15. Public WiFi
  16. Apple: My online presence is all possible due to Apple; I love my iPhone, iMac, Mac Book Pro, and iPad Pro. The online portion of my business runs seamlessly because everything syncs automatically and makes my life so much easier.
  17. Sperry Rain Boots
  18. Jeggings
  19. Ice Hockey: I started playing when I moved to Wi from MD when I was 13. I played throughout high school and college and it is one of my favorite stress relievers and it is such a great workout. I just ordered a new pair of Vaughn Breezers from GoalieMonkey.com, I can’t wait to try em out during out next came
  20. Converse Shoes
  21. My Pylo Box: Box jumps are part of my morning routine now.
  22. Dried Fruit: last summer I was addicted to dried apple slices, but currently I am on a huge dried pear kick
  23. Our Cats: Yoshi + Lamar
  24. Blankets: Our Victorian home was built in 1896 and although remodeled, it is not the warmest during the winter months, so I can never have enough blankets.
  25. West Elm: We love our West Elm Andes Couch, mid-century modern entertainment center, blankets, soy candles, chandelier in the living room, and our new pendant light in the dining room.
  26. Coconut Milk
  27. Bedding: Having a neatly made bed with fresh bed sheets and a soft comforter just makes me so happy. Part of my morning routine is making the bed and tidying up the bedroom. I love leaving it looking perfect and it sets the tone for my day.
  28. White Paint: Green is my favorite color, except in the home; I love white. White trim, white planters, clean white window frames, white soda stream, white marble counters, white entertainment center, entry table, white runner, white daily planner. White just makes everything feel open, bright, and clean. When we moved we took so many trips to goodwill and only kept the necessities. In our new home, we are particular about what comes in the house and if it is not perfect, then we make it perfect. A few weeks ago Caleb and I refinished another table for my studio – it was originally a dark blackish-muddy color and was in rough shape, but after lots of sanding and several coats of white paint and a new faux marble top, it is a beautiful table. If done well, paint can turn something ugly into something I adore.
  29. Succulents
  30. Extra Spicy Thai Food
  31. The German Language: I studied abroad in Highschool in Germany and I want to go back. At one point in my life I was pretty decent at speaking in German, but that has dissolved over the years. Caleb and I have been doing German lessons via the Duolingo App and I recently purchased a conversation workbook. It is fun to practice and learn the language together.
  32. Traveling
  33. Trying New Foods
  34. Drawing + Painting
  35. Diffusing Essential Oils: Sometimes I take a break from burning soy candles and use my diffuser.
  36. Hand-Lettering
  37. Magazines: Current faves: Together, Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine
  38. Modern Family: Phil is the most hilarious Dad ever!
  39. Dice games: Caleb and I love playing Quixx + Rolling Across America with friends and family
  40. Blogging
  41. Rhododendrons
  42. My ONA Camera Bag: I have the Brixton. I got it in 2012 and I love it so so much. I was also featured on their website once and showed off my bag and shared all the reasons I love it!
  43. Gas Stove Tops
  44. Talk Radio
  45. Being in Bowling League with Caleb, Maya, and Christian
  46. Looking at the moon and stars with our Telescope
  47. Planning trips for our Travel Bucket List
  48. 30 Rock
  49. Venmo: this app is just genius!
  50. Walking Kenzo with Caleb around Humboldt Park
  51. The National Cafe
  52. My Bose QuietComfort 35 Bluetooth Wireless Over‑Ear Headphones: I put these on every morning once Caleb has left for work and they stay on until he gets home. I love them so much!! The range is incredible. I can leave my phone in my office and I can be outside in our yard with Kenzo doing work.
  53. Prime Lenses:  My faves include: 50 mm, 45 mm Tilt-Shift lens, and the 35 mm (click for direct links to amazon)
  54. My Fjällräven  Jacket: I got for our honeymoon in Iceland a couple weeks before we left and it was such a great investment. Fjällräven is an outdoor store that makes functional and durable gear and attire based in Sweden. I am currently in the market for one of their backpacks and then I will get a photo-gear insert so I can use it as my travel camera bag.
  55. Ceramic Cooking Pans
  56. Wusthof Knifes: Caleb got one for Christmas and it amazing how much more fun working in the kitchen is when you have a good knife. Heavy, comfortable handle, and cuts like a dream. Plus, it is a german brand, so I dig that.
  57. Our New Jeep: I love our 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited so much! We got it right before our wedding so that we would have the perfect road-tripping vehicle for future adventures with the dog.  I really love driving to work or taking Kenzo to the park with the top off. I also love that it is stick-shift. I, personally, have never owned a car that was not manual and I was so happy that we were able to find a dealership that had one on the lot for us.
  58. Creative Live: currently taking a Jasmine Star 30 Day Course
  59. The Define School: currently taking a Stock Photography 8 week Course
  60. Transfer Pizza: We usually order their Hawaiian Pizza w/ Pepperchinis
  61. Our Drone: Unfortunately, the weather has not been the greatest, but when it is nice, Caleb and I love taking photos with our Phantom.
  62. Spell-Checker on the computer. I am the worst at spelling the word “exercise.”
  63. GIFS: Caleb and I send GIFS to each other throughout the day when we text. There are so many good ones out there that just make me laugh so hard.
  64. Documentaries: The most recent one I watched was on German Horror films post WWI
  65. Podcasts
  66. Mamma’s Best Crispy Cocoa Rice Cereal: This cereal with coconut milk is the best!
  67. Ballpoint Pens
  68. Stainless Steel Straws: no waste, easy to wash, better than plastic!
  69. Uber
  70. Bay View. Bay View is my favorite neighborhood in MKE and I am so happy we found our dream home here.
  71. Wisconsin Parks: I really love Humboldt Park because Caleb and I go there often, but Bay View park will always have a special place in my heart because that is where I used to do my runs with Leo doggy before he passed away.
  72. Waffles on Sunday Mornings: Caleb and I have only made waffles once, but growing up it was a ritual that every Sunday morning my Dad would make waffles using the recipe from the Gold Medal Flour ABC cookbook. Those will forever be my favorite waffles, and some of my fondest memories growing up.
  73. Kopps Vanilla Malts
  74. Burts Bees products: This travel pack has all my favorites. See it HERE. 
  75. Hiking
  76. Dogs. I love dogs so so much. When I was little I wanted to be a vet. I memoriized the skeletory, circulatory, and digestive system for the dog. I made charts. I wrote a book. And I memorized dog breeds and all of their physical characteristics.
  77. Product Photography and learning to style
  78. My Biltwell Matte Black Bubble Screen Motorcycle Helmet: Caleb got it for me for my birthday this year. I cannot wait for the weather to improve so we can start riding again!
  79. My Spotify Subscription: I love the freedom of taking my music wherever I am and creating playlists for whatever I am doing: relaxing, painting, editing, driving, working out.
  80. Playing Scrabble with Caleb
  81. Gin Cocktails: My Grandfather will 99% of the time be seen with a Gin & Tonic in his hand, it is kinda a tradition and well-known fact that the Davis’ love their Gin. Luckily, Caleb is a Gin lover as well.
  82. Sushi: my favorite it spicy tuna rolls
  83. The Marvel Comic Movies: My favorites are Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy.
  84. Non-Fiction Books
  85. Hugs from Caleb
  86. Motorcycle or Pedal Bike rides with Caleb
  87. Walking through Antique stores + art galleries
  88. Iceland
  89. Doing yard work with Caleb
  90. Our Food Processor
  91. Colectivo Donuts on Friday or Saturday mornings: We always order a vanilla one and share it. I always get the icing all over my face, because I am a child.
  92. Summer naps in our hammock; we’ve only done this once, but it was AMAZING. This summer we have a better wedding schedule so hopefully, that will mean more relaxing in our hammock in the sunshine.
  93. Rockstar: Sorry, not sorry, I drink a Rockstar before every photo-session. I am not sure if it is placebo, but I can’t imagine doing a shoot without drinking a can of that bubbly caffeine.
  94. Receiving and sending handwritten notes/cards
  95. Star Wars
  96. Amazon Prime: I buy everything from Amazon, from lenses to face lotion.
  97. Taking Self-Portraits with Caleb
  98. Reminiscing
  99. Golden Oreos: It was Caleb’s birthday last Wednesday and we both love Oreos. I made him a Golden Oreo Funfetti Cheese Cake for his work and it was annihilated by his coworkers.
  100. Facetime: My family lives all over and Facetime has become such a great way to “see” my family despite the distance. It is also a wonderful way to connect and meet clients located outside of Wi or for destination work.

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