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Milwaukee Art Museum – Haunted Screens: German Cinema // Studio 29 Photography

Jan 15, 2017

Caleb and I went to the Milwaukee Art Museum today. We didn’t have our cameras, so we snapped some photos on my iPhone.
We picked this weekend specifically to go because we wanted to see the Haunted Screens: German Cinema in the 1920s: In the wake of WWI, while Hollywood and the rest of Western cinema were focused mostly on adventure, romance and comedy, German filmmakers explored the anxiety and emotional turbulence that dominated life in Germany. They took their inspiration from Expressionist art and employed geometrically skewed sets, dramatic lighting, off-kilter framing, strong shadows and distorted perspectives.
My favorite parts of the German Films exhibit were the movie posters and the incredible sketches, drawings, and blueprints for each film. The exhibit did a great job of deconstructing the films and I am glad we went. No photography was allowed in that portion of the museum, but we snapped a couple iPhone photos while we walked around the other wings of the museum.
milwaukee art museum milwaukee art museum milwaukee art museum

Milwaukee Art Museum || Studio 29 Photography

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