5 Tips for Beautiful Getting Ready Wedding Photos


We love capturing the time when the bride and groom are getting ready for their wedding! There are so many details and interactions between friends and family during this time that make for incredible photos to tell your story. Want to have incredible “getting ready” photos? Here are 5 Tips for Beautiful Getting Ready Wedding Photos.
getting ready wedding photos
1. Let there Be Light
When it comes to photography, light is so important. Natural sunlight is softer, more even, and more flattering than the light from lamps and light fixtures. When you are choosing where to get ready for your wedding, consider the light in the space. A room with large windows, lightly colored walls, and plenty of natural light will make your photos so beautiful. If it is not possible to get ready in a space with natural light, perhaps there is a private outdoor area where we can go to put on your veil, shoes, and jewelry for final touches.
2. Choosing the Right Location
Where you decide to get ready has lots of factors such as location, sentimental value, size, styling, and convenience. The final decision should ultimately come down to if you feel comfortable and excited to be getting ready there. There are plenty of incredible hotels with beautiful rooms to get ready, or you could get ready at your home or your parents home. Starting a few years ago I have had couples renting AirBnB’s for getting ready. This is such a brilliant idea because you have the freedom to choose from a variety of homes/apartments/condos to get ready in and majority of them are impeccably decorated and have plenty of large windows providing beautiful light. Keep in mind to choose a location that has enough space for everyone who will be getting ready. If there is room to relax, play cards, eat breakfast, share stories, and get dressed, that will make your morning overall less stressful. No one wants to be brushing elbows with each other while they are trying to get ready. One last tip; if your wedding is in the warmer months make sure it has Air Conditioning so that you and your wedding party are not over-heating while you are getting ready.
3. Keep it Clean
Hair brushes, granola bar wrappers, an untidy bed, champagne corks, shoes, empty beer cans, suitcases, etc, can all be very distracting and unpleasant in the background of getting ready photos. As your wedding party members are getting dressed, please ask them to keep the room tidy and clean Caleb and I know it can be hard with so many people getting ready, but having a clean and open space for you to dress in is always ideal and will help ensure you get gorgeous photos. Removing clutter does not exclude the room’s furniture and decor; if there are ugly side tables, chairs, or even pictures hanging on the wall feel free to remove these items and put them out of sight.
4. Prepare the Details
Please set aside your Wedding dress, Wedding shoes, Garter, Jewelry, Purse, Perfume, Personalized hanger, Wedding invitation, Wedding rings Bouquet, Suit, tie, dress shoes, Note/gift for the groom, Note/gift for the bride, Handkerchief, and Sentimental items (if applicable.) It might be easier for you to arrange these items in a corner of a room, so upon our arrival can easily find all of the details and start snapping photos. We like getting all of the detail photos taken first so that we can focus the rest of our time documenting the interactions between you and whomever else is in the room with you. The interactions and emotions between you and your friends and family is beautiful and will bring back happy memories in the future.
5. Enjoy!
Have fun and enjoy this part of the day! This is your time to enjoy and embrace what is happening around you. You will be surrounded by those who love you most and that is so special to remember on your wedding day.
Proof from a Real Studio 29 Bride: Rebecca Reindl: “The picture of my mom buttoning my dress with tears in our eyes while we are getting ready is probably one of my favorites of our entire wedding day, thanks to Studio 29 Photography. Capturing raw, intimate emotion is one of the best parts of getting ready photos because you don’t have to be “on” in front of guests yet!”
Getting Ready Wedding Photos Getting Ready Wedding PhotosGetting Ready Wedding PhotosGetting Ready Wedding Photos

Are you a Wedding Photographer? Need help with your getting ready photos? Visit GGT for some educational resources created by myself and my friend Autumn.


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