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Interview with Frameology // Studio 29 Photography

Feb 28, 2017

I was recently interviewed by Frameology and discussed some tips wedding day tips, geared specifically for brides on getting the perfect shot, mistakes a bride may make on planning, and our style of shooting on a wedding day;

On the “perfect shot.”

“The shot list I require my brides to send me is a family formals list. That way the family formals can be taken quickly, painlessly, and no members of your family will be forgotten. But, as for the shot list containing a detailed list including “shot of dress,” “shot of me hugging my mom,” and/or “shot of the first kiss,” these are all moments that will unfold naturally during the wedding day. When a couple books a wedding photographer they should feel completely sure that their photographer will document the day accurately and capture these special moments as they are happening.”

On the #1 mistake brides make on the “big day.”

The biggest mistake a bride can make on their wedding day would be to try and copy photos from another wedding that they may have seen online, or on social media. The love and life you share with your husband is unique to you and your photos should reflect that. Trying to re-create someone else’s love story will feel forced and unnatural, instead of just being in the moment and experiencing your day YOUR way. After your wedding day, I guarantee your favorite photos will be the ones that take you back to a certain moment of the day.
Without a doubt, my favorite images from our wedding were the ones when we first saw each other, secluded in the woods, before reciting our vows. Your wedding day will be a whirlwind of emotions, hugs, and tears. And if you trust your photography team to capture your day to its fullest, then there really is no need to copy another bride’s wedding photos.

On photographic style used for weddings.

The beauty of “wedding photography” is that it’s a culmination of various styles. Photojournalism is the act of documenting unrehearsed emotions and actions in real time, and this is about 99% of a wedding day. I always encourage clients to pick a “getting ready” location that has lots of windows and natural light, along with the wedding party, and “bride-and-groom” portraits. All of this planning goes back to the timeline – creating a timeline that allows for all portraiture to be taken with natural lighting is ideal.

You can read responses from other photographers in the entire article HERE. 
Frameology offers simple, beautiful framing for the photos you love. Pick a frame, upload a photo and the photo framing begins. // https://www.frameology.com
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