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Kenzo // On My Mind Monday

Feb 20, 2017

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
Caleb and I were in Denver since Thursday, photographing incredible J+B’s wedding festivities at The Denver Art Museum.
I really love traveling, but I always miss our doggy so much. In honor of missing Kenzo, today’s On My Mind Monday is all about him.
  • He is an American Akita.
  • He was born on May 4th 2014. I am a huge Star Wars fan, so his birthday falls on the perfect day.
  • His full name is Kenzo Ryuu.
  • He was named after his predecessor Leonidas (king of Sparta). Caleb wanted to honor Leo, so he researched Japanese emperors and we eventually named him Kenzo.
  • He is extremely spoiled.
  • He was potty trained in three days.
  • He knows both verbal and hand commands for sit, wait, lay down, and speak.
  • He sleeps on his back.
  • Whenever we come back from a walk or run he goes straight to the kitchen and bumps the ice-maker on the fridge. He loves his ice cubes!
  • He loves his Barkbox subscription. He gets excited anytime a delivery arrives at the house and always assumes it is for him.
  • He weighs 111 pounds.
  • When Kenzo is ready for bed he will walk upstairs to his bed (or ours) and go to sleep.
  • He loves car rides and long walks.
  • When we come home he grabs the first toy he can find or retrieves one from his toy box and carries it while moaning playfully and jumping around.
  • He loves snow and loves to lay outside on the balcony even on frigid days.
  • He loves babies and children.
  • He grooms our cats, Yoshi and Lamar, and licks them until they are soaking wet.
  • He was in our wedding and wore a GoPro as he walked down the aisle with my brother. It was so adorable because he greeted all the guests as he walked by.
  • He hates pretzels. If you give him a handful of Chex mix he will separate everything from the pretzels.
  • Every morning when Caleb gets up to shower Kenzo usurps his spot in the bed next to me.
  • He won’t make eye contact with us when he knows we are leaving the house.
  • He is a big baby.

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