Why You Should Hire a Professional Makeup Artist


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Why You Should Hire a Professional Makeup Artist 

As a professional photographer, I’ve captured many different events and occasions, such as weddings, engagements, and family photo sessions. Through my experience, I’ve quickly learned how vital hiring a professional makeup artist truly is.
If you never thought you would hire a makeup artist for your engagement session and wedding day, NOW is the time to reconsider. You know you want to look your best in your engagement and wedding photos, so hiring a professional makeup artist to take care of your makeup is a logical step in ensuring that your session or wedding day is a success!If you are still undecided, here are our top reasons for hiring a professional make-up artist for your wedding day and engagement session!
1. Everyday Makeup is Completely Different
Many factors can affect your look and one such factor is the camera. Most of our clients feel like their makeup is “too much” at first, since it’s more than you would wear on a normal day, especially when it comes to false lashes. However, half of the makeup worn during a session is washed off by the camera, so more makeup is needed when a camera is involved. Talented makeup artists understand this and know how to develop your makeup perfectly for the camera. They understand exactly how much coverage, which and how many pigments, and what colors are needed for a flawless look for a photo session. While you may know a million tricks and tips when it comes to applying every-day makeup, makeup for the camera is a completely different story. Therefore, hiring a professional makeup artist for your photo session is critical for the best results. From being able to meet detailed timelines to creating a flawless look, talented makeup artists are definitely worth the additional investment!
2. Ability for a Preview
If you’re working with a professional makeup artist, they will commonly apply your makeup in natural light, so it’ll look fresh and not too heavy. Since natural light is the type of light we’ll be working in, this will allow you and your makeup artist to have a preview of how your makeup will translate on camera. Professional makeup artists are trained to bring out the beauty and potential of each aspect of one’s face and know exactly how to do so for natural-light photography.
3. Confident and Less stressed
Depending on the event or occasion being photographed, you may be too nervous to apply your own makeup or have no idea where to start. Having a professional makeup artist to do your makeup will help ease your stress and allow you to relax because the responsibility of creating the perfect face in just the right timing isn’t yours. Plus, who doesn’t love to be pampered every now and then!? Talented makeup artists have the knowledge and experience needed to provide a perfect application every time. This in turn also allows you to become more confident and less worried about the session.
4. Health and Safety
With a hired make-up artist, you will not be at risk of getting an unexpected allergy on your wedding day. They will know which ingredients could irritate your skin and will give you tips on how to start caring for your skin months prior to the big day!
Tip!! You Get What You Pay For
Within a quick google search, you will easily find a vast range of prices for makeup artists in your area.  If you find a makeup artist with super cheap prices for on-location makeup, they are most likely lacking experience. Always book with a professional artist with a strong portfolio and a good reputation, because it is not worth hiring the wrong person… especially on your wedding day!

While there are so many makeup artists to choose from I recommend:  Professional Makeup Artist: Kelly : http://www.lustrousmakeup.com
Kelly is an expert in her field, extremely knowledgable and dedicated to her work, and never ceases to amaze me with her beautiful work!

Recent Beautiful Work: Shannon + Nolan Engagement Session, Grace + Chris (Featured on Junebug Weddings). 

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