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How to Put in a Wedding Veil: Tips for Any Hairstyle // Studio 29 Photography

Aug 1, 2017

putting in a wedding veil

How to Put in A Wedding Veil: Tips for Any Hairstyle

A veil on your wedding day can be a beautiful addition; the icing on the cake, if you will. But the last thing you want to worry about on your big day is your veil slipping or sliding right out of your hair.
If you’re using a hairstylist, a lot of the stress is lifted off your shoulders. As a professional, they will be more than capable of securing your veil into whatever hair style you choose and making sure it stays there all day. It is a good idea to bring the veil with you when you go in for your trial run to see how it and the hairstyle will best compliment each other.
But if you’re not using a hairstylist, or if, heaven forbid, your veil comes out before you intended, you might need some help securing it. Well look no further!
General Instructions:

  1. Hold the veil by the comb, pulling the tulle back and pointing the comb teeth toward your forehead.
  2. Turn the comb teeth down. The concave side of the comb should be facing forward.
  3. Push the teeth into your hair at the desired height and gently push down until the comb is fully inserted.
  4. Secure the comb teeth with bobby pins to ensure a tight hold.

For an Up do:
When wearing your hair in an up do you have two options.

  1. You can secure the comb into the bulk of the hair and let the style keep the comb and veil elevated.  This will create a nice halo effect around your face, but will cover the hair. It is still a good idea to use pins to further secure the veil. You can never be too careful.
  2. Your other option is to secure the veil below the bulk of hair.  This option will keep the veil out of your face and will not block an intricate style from sight. The comb can be inserted just below the gathered hair or even slightly into the gathered hair, depending on the style. Again, stick a couple of pins in there to be sure that the comb won’t slide.

For Down Hair:
The more difficult to secure to is hair that is down. There are a few options available. Note that with these options, pins will probably be necessary to keep the comb in place for any length of time.

  1. Place the comb in the desired location and secure with bobby pins. This simpler approach will work best with thicker hair, but can still work for thinner hair as well.
  2. Pull a small section of hair back to help hold the comb. This hair can be secured separately with pins, or simply used as more for the comb to grab onto.
  3. Backcomb a section of hair at the desired height and apply hair spray under this section of hair. This will create an area for the comb to latch into.

These tips should help you secure your veil on your big day. It is still a good idea to do a trial run of your hair and veil to make sure that you are happy and will not feel rushed or stressed if it is not coming out how you had envisioned. But most importantly, relax and enjoy your big day!
putting in a wedding veilputting in a wedding veilputting in a wedding veil

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