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Hello World!
I must apologize for the absence of posts, but I promise you, I have SO much to share with you!
Let’s rewind to 13 weeks ago, we picked up our new pup Vík! Caleb and I took an evening flight on Friday night to Louisville, KY. We landed around 11:30pm and then checked into the Brown Hotel. The Brown Hotel is a historic 16-story, AAA hotel featuring classic English Renaissance architecture. The two-story lobby and uniquely stocked lobby whiskey bar was a sight to see! We checked into our room and then enjoyed a beverage at the bar before heading to bed.
We woke up early and were on the road by 7am because we had a two hour drive to pick up our fluffy baby.
We purchased Vík from Rick & Tami owners/breeders of Rheinhardt Kennels.
I have been searching and contacting breeders for the past 3 years (ever since Leo passed) and their kennel was the first one I felt completely comfortable with after communicating with Tami.
Directly from their website:

Our dogs are farm-raised in a family environment and are handled
daily and socialized from birth.   We have always bred for
temperament, and with the quality and integrity of the German
Shepherd breed in mind.  Our dogs are reputed to be fearless,
loyal, intelligent, and driven to please their owners.  Over the past
25 years, our puppies have grown to be successful as Search and
Rescue, Police Protection, Drug Enforcement, as well as, Personal
Protection, Therapy, and Family Companion dogs.  

After touring the Rheinhardt Kennel grounds, chit-chatting with R+T, and picking up Vík, we immediately headed back to Milwaukee. We made great time on the drive back and Vík slept 99% of the 9 hour drive.
Within the first few weeks Vík traveled to VA with me and spent the week with my family. We took Kenzo and Vík to a brewery, two wineries, and on a hike up Sugarloaf Mountain in the Shenandoah National Park. I really love how dog friendly Virginia wineries are!
Fast forward – back to today!
Vík is 14 weeks old, loves his brother, is obsessed with water, and is extremely intelligent! He loves to train and already knows: sit, stay, lay down, roll over, come, high five, shake, touch, speak, wait, and to weave in a figure-8 between my legs. I’ve been reading and re-reading all of my doggy training books, seeking advice from professionals and working with Vík every day.
Last week was a very exciting week because I launched House Fur; a Dog Lifestyle Blog! House Fur originally started as a fun instagram account to document my adventures with my Kenzo & Vík. But, on the drive home from Vík’s first vet appointment I decided I needed a creative outlet to share stories, training tips, the occasional snap-shot of my husband and me, and all of the wonderful (and crazy) experiences and delights that come with owning our dogs. My mission is to be the best dog owner I can be each and every day. I hope this blog will encourage others to do the same, along with giving some encouragement and guidance along the way.
We had a pretty amazing launch week! We had over 200 views within the first few hours of launching and numbers are growing everyday. The most popular article was: Milwaukee Dog Friendly Restaurants.
The icing on the cake for launch week was Vík’s photo in our updated master bedroom getting picked up by (my favorite store) West Elm! His photo had over 14k likes on their Instagram!  #prouddogmom 
Outside of our growing family, we have been staying busy on the weekends photographing amazing weddings in amazing places! We even got to go to Oregon to witness and document the marriage of our friends Dallas & David! And, I have been staying very busy during the week with editing and family, newborn, or engagement sessions. My sessions have been taking me all over Wisconsin and I’ve had a few in Chicago as well. I love that my job takes me to so many new locations every week!
Another exciting event is the design work I did for DiModa restaurant all paid off! The restaurant is now open and it looks amazing! It was SO cool to walk in and see my designs on EVERYTHING! Shirts, cups, rugs, posters, menus, etc. I am so proud!
I have some MORE  exciting news to share — but, you will have to wait a few more days to reveal the big secret! Trust me, it’s going to be amazing and I am so excited to share what all our hard work has lead up too!!
Well, I have lots of photos to be editing and a puppy that needs some attention, so have a fantastic week! And, as always, thanks so much for reading!
House Fur
Than you Denise from Veil Magazine for the adorable duck toy, tug toy, and pig ears! The boys love it!!!
West ElmDiModa

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