5 Reasons You Should Have An Unplugged Wedding


In today’s world where everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, more people are opting to unplug their weddings. Unplugged weddings ask guests to refrain from using phones, cameras, or other digital distractions during either the ceremony or reception.

While the choice to disconnect your nuptials from the digital realm is unique to every couple, here are 5 reasons why you should consider asking your guests to leave their phones at home.


reasons to have an unplugged wedding


5 Reasons You Should You Have An Unplugged Wedding


1. Unplugged weddings allow the photographer to shine.

While many of your beloved family and friends will be trying to capture the big “I do,” nothing compares to pictures taken by the wedding photographer. Without cell phones, the photographer is free to get shots from any angle without feeling the need to compete with a guest who’s also trying to capture the same moment (and vice versa).

2. Guests will be more present.

Nothing ruins a party quite like the distraction of a cell phone. Although phones help us stay connected to others over the internet, they can make us feel more distant when we’re together. Asking people to leave their phones at home ensures they’ll socialize and enjoy your ceremony to the fullest.

3. The couple can control the photos.

You’ve worked hard to plan your wedding—from the venue to the food to the gown—so you don’t want unflattering photos of the party taken by guests to be shared on social media before the night is over. Banning phones allows the couple to pick which moments they want to be shared with the world and to also be the first ones to share those images.

4. The ceremony will feel more intimate.

Being bombarded by flash photography at the altar usually isn’t on the checklist to your big day. Even if you ask guests to refrain from using the flash, there’s always a few people who forget to turn it off. No phones ensures all eyes (not cameras) are on you and your loved one during the special moment.

5. Unplugged weddings aren’t a trend, they’re a way of life.

Do you feel like you’re talking to a brick wall when talking to someone on their phone? Unplugged weddings are the first step in unplugging your relationships. Take this time to remind people that genuine interactions are better than social media and encourage everyone in your life to unplug more often and share the love.


Whether you’re having a small intimate ceremony or a big get-together, consider unplugging your wedding. If you’re not prepared to completely disconnect, you could ask guests to hold their devices for a portion of the event—the choice is up to the bride and groom.

Caleb and I specialize in wedding photography and understand the unique nature of unplugged weddings. Contact us for more information or for booking services.


reasons to have an unplugged wedding

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