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Four Incredible Ways To Simplify Engagement Ring Shopping

Aug 19, 2020

If you’re in charge of finding the perfect engagement ring, it can feel as if you need a Ph.D. in physics to make sure that you don’t make a simple mistake. Yes, shopping for the ultimate rock is tough, especially when you’re not as skilled in the art of diamonds as your significant other.

The trick is to simplify the process so that you can dismiss everything unnecessary and only focus on the stuff that matters. Although it’s hard to figure out where to start, you may be surprised to hear that it’s the small things that pack the biggest punches.

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Set An Engagement Ring Budget

A strict budget isn’t always helpful because you’ll be lucky to find the ideal ring for the amount of money that you have put aside. You may have to be flexible, but you only buy a hundred bucks or so. Anything that’s way out of your price range is unaffordable, so you shouldn’t consider it in the first place. By setting a budget, and an extra 5% to 10% on top of the amount, you can quickly dismiss the overvalued diamonds and concentrate on the ones you have a shot at buying.


Enlist An Ally

If you are unsure what your fiance-to-be wants in an engagement ring, you should enlist the help of somebody who does. Thankfully, their best friend knows things about them that you can only dream of knowing, so they’re an excellent choice for a shopping buddy. With them by your side, they’ll reject the rocks that you may consider just by the color or finish. It is ruthless, and it’s exactly what you need to make the process less confusing. By using their knowledge of your other half, you can eliminate wasted time and awkward questions!


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Go On A Scouting Trip

Even when you have a budget and a secret weapon, it’s not smart to head out onto the battlefield without doing your research. A scouting trip allows you to take stock of the options and pick from the rings available, as the rock in your mind may not be available. As well as your ally, don’t forget to take a VVS diamonds guide to understand the basics of clarity and your phone. As long as you have an internet connection, you can use Google to figure out what phrases and terms mean!


Involve Your SO

Sure, in a perfect world, you would surprise your partner with an engagement ring that you cherry-picked straight from her head. However, that’s an idealistic Hollywood fantasy that you shouldn’t buy into whatsoever. In the real world, couples sit down and speak about engagement rings like mature and responsible adults. That way, you can pick a ring that they’ll love and not have to worry about spending a fortune on something they hate. Pinterest is a fantastic tool as you can pin a variety of styles and choose the different trends.


You one you go for will be a secret, yet it will be on point, too!

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