Tips for Planning the Perfect Proposal


Is there such a thing as the perfect wedding proposal? Yes, there is! 

But how do you do it? What makes a proposal magnificent? What makes asking your significant other to marry you unique? Well, it’s actually them. 

It is about what they like, what they need, and what makes them feel special. All of the things that they love wrapped up into a magical moment that they will remember forever. 

Proposing shouldn’t be seen as a competition, and scouring the internet for big ideas to ‘one-up’ might not be the thing that makes your partner’s heart sing. So let’s skip the competition and go personal. 

Here are tips for planning the perfect proposal – from a professional wedding photographer!


This might be a strange question to ask yourself. But why do you want to marry this person? What do they bring to your life, and what do they mean to you? Before you propose to them, think about why you love them, what they make you feel. Consider all the little and big things that they do that make you want them in your life forever. 

If you are keen to write your own vows or have a speech or something prepared, this will help. 

Get a little bit dreamy with it. Things about everything you have been through or done together. Think about the adventures you want to take. Do you often sit watching food programs and plan where you will travel and the food you will eat? Perhaps you have several countries on your to-do list. Combine it all, use that to speak from the heart, and say what you want to say – without forgetting parts or missing details. 


If you are nervous by nature, you might be worried that the person will say no. Even if you have been with them for a long time and they have expressed their desire to marry you. 

Going into it with confidence will mean you aren’t fidgeting with the ring, and you don’t accidentally slip up and say why you’re going to the place you first met for fun. 

Know that you both want the same things and have discussed how your life looks going forward. Do you both want children? Do you both envision no children but two dogs? It is essential to know that some of what you both want matches up. 

It doesn’t hurt to talk through it again and confirm the things you already know and feel. 

The Ring 

You know your partner very well. You know what they wear, what they love, and the style of jewellery that makes them say ‘oooooooo.’ Keep that in mind when you are choosing a ring. You might even opt to ask for outside assistance from their best friends and family. Not everyone will wear a ring, but the token is a traditional gesture that many people enjoy. 

There is a saying that the ring should be three times the amount of your wages, but push that to the side. Get a ring, no matter the cost, that suits your partner. 


What is it that makes them who they are? Those are the things that can make your proposal unique. It is important to note most wedding proposal ideas have a tried and true formula. It usually involves a place that your significant other loves or has always wanted to go—an activity that they enjoy doing, and of course you. 

You might want to have all of your friends and family waiting secretly nearby, or arrange a gathering – and just not let them in on the big secret. 

Make the moment as unique and special as your partner by dedicating the day to the things they love. 


Be mindful of others. While you might think it is a great idea to propose at their sister’s wedding, it might not go how you think. Although you won’t mean to, this might steal the thunder of a happy couple of that day. If you have permission, or they ask you to do it, that is different. 

Try to make the day about you both, and choose things that are significant to you both. 


Suppose you are both usually zoomed in on your phone. Answering work calls, social media posts, and more – try to make it a phone-free zone. Many people use their mobile phone camera to capture the big moment, but by booking a proposal and wedding photographer, you’ll have memories that last a lifetime of high-quality too. 

Plus – there is nothing worse than someone calling in the middle of the big moment! 


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