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The Story Behind Your Gemstone Engagement Ring

Mar 23, 2021

When you see colored diamond rings or glistening gold necklaces, do you ever wonder where the precious gemstones they have been adorned with came from? Where the beauty that lies within the jewelry was actually first found? After all, we all love filling our jewelry boxes with individual, intricate, and elaborate jewelry pieces, but we never really know the story behind each piece. This blog post hopes to give you a bit of an insight into that aspect…

Every gemstone has its own story, as well as your own love story 

After all, they say a picture says a thousand words, which is definitely the case! Diamond rings from the likes of Rachel & Victoria will tell the story of your romance and engagement. However, they also have a story of their own as well. Have you ever thought about how these beautiful gemstones started their lives?

Understanding how gemstones are formed

When it comes to creating different gemstones, there can be a great diversification in how each one is formed. This means that no gemstone is really formed in the same way; they all have their own unique story. Nevertheless, nearly every single gemstone is formed under the earth’s surface. Let’s take a look at emerald as an example. 

Where does Emerald come from?

Emerald is a beautiful green gemstone that is the birthstone of those born in May. But how is it formed? Well, this gemstone, in particular, is created when either water from cooling bodies of magma or rainwater, which is mixed with minerals. What happens as a result is a crystallization process which subsequently results in the stones. 

How are Sapphires formed?

A gemstone that is formed in a completely contrasting process to emerald stones is that of sapphire. Sapphire is a beautiful deep blue stone, and it is the birthstone of September. In fact, it is a gemstone that is becoming exceedingly popular for engagement and wedding rings. But how is sapphire formed? In short, sapphire is produced via a mixture of metamorphic consequences. The two in this instance are as follows; high temperature and pressure combined with volcanic processes deep within the earth. The end of forming sapphire concludes when the liquid magma found deep in the earth slowly begins to cool the minerals, and thus, the crystals begin to form.

All in all, the beautiful gemstones that you see adorned on your necklace or on your ring all have an intriguing and exciting journey that begins beneath the earth’s surface. Hopefully, the two examples of sapphire and emerald used in this article will indicate the procedures that take place and how each gemstone has a different story behind it. 

Therefore, next time you put on those gorgeous pair of sapphire earrings, you’ll know that not only do they look beautiful, but they have been on an intriguing journey to reach the stunning jewelry that they glisten today.

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