Engagement Ring Photo Tips You Need To Know


You’ve recently been proposed to, meaning you’ve got a new contender for the happiest day of your life so far! Naturally, you want to share the news with all your family and friends – and what better way to do so than by taking some photos of your ring. 

What do you want to remember about your engagement ring? The fancy diamond, the sentimental engraving, or how it felt when she slipped it on your finger?
If you’re like most people, then the answer is all three.
Engagement rings are special pieces that deserve to be captured in a stunning photo. You might not know what type of lighting to use or what angle works best– here’s some advice on how to take beautiful photos of your engagement ring!

Engagement ring photos can vary from beautifully creative to blurry and tacky. Here are some tips to help you take the best photos of your new engagement ring!

Find good lighting

To start, you’ve got to find yourself some good lighting for the photo. Taking a picture in a dark room won’t help anyone see the ring, and it just makes the photo look bad. Whether it’s natural or artificial light, you want the setting to be vibrant, improving the photo quality and allowing more detail to shine through. Take some advantage of natural light. If you’re outside, take pictures at different times of day (morning vs afternoon) to see which time is best for taking photos with the most flattering lighting.

Use front lighting when you’re taking pictures of textured rings like this one that has a unique design on the band. Sidelight will show the texture of your ring, but it will also create shadows.

Chicago skyline engagement photos

Get your nails done

Every good partner will drop a hint that you need to get your nails done before they propose. They’re already thinking ahead to your photo after, and they know that you want to have gorgeous nails in the pic! To be honest, they don’t need to prepare you. A better idea is to get your nails done after the proposal, so they can match the ring! Then, you can take your photos and break the news to everyone you love. 

Find a good background for the close-up pic

Keep it simple by choosing a background that’s light and uncluttered. This will make your ring pop even more!

Don’t take photos of the ring in front of messy rooms, with distracting backgrounds like clutter or appliances, or against bright lights because you’ll end up with unattractive photos that don’t do justice to how pretty the rings are.

Ideally, you should have a selection of photos to share with others. There should be a lovely selfie of the two of you looking happy and cute, flashing the ring on your finger. But, there should also be a close-up picture of the ring on your finger, where everyone can see all the gorgeous details. 

Here, the only things in the shot are your hand, the ring, and a background. Close-up photos are really good if you have something like a Claddagh ring engagement band or anything else with loads of intricate details and patterns. The key is to have a great background behind your hand, really setting the scene. This can be something scenic, or it could just be a really nice background of a marble countertop, etc. Either way, the background needs to be nice, but the ring needs to be in focus. 


Play around with angles

Keep the ring in focus and choose a background that’s uncluttered. Don’t be afraid to try different angles, too! Use photo editing apps like Instagram or Snapseed if you need some help with lighting or cropping adjustments on your photos before sharing them on social media.

Don’t use too many filters

Lastly, don’t use loads of filters on your final photos. You might think they help the image look better, but filters end up compressing the photo and turning it into a pixelated mess. As long as you have great lighting and a high-quality camera, you shouldn’t even need filters to make your engagement ring photo pop. 

Just like that, you know how to take the best engagement ring pictures to share with everyone. Now, you can start compiling and writing a soppy social media post for all to see. It’s your special moment, so get as cute and soppy as you like – no one can hold it against you. Your stunning photos will do the ring justice and cause jealousy throughout your followers. 


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