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If you’ve just got engaged and are starting to plan your wedding, congratulations! Planning a wedding can feel overwhelming at times, but if you give yourself enough time to plan it, it’s very achievable and an exciting process throughout. So what things do you need to consider when planning your wedding? In order to make it a little less overwhelming, we have put together some top aspects you will need to consider to get yourself a little more organized. 

Hiring a DJ

A key part of your wedding will be your evening entertainment. Once you have gone through your ceremony and enjoyed a meal, guests will expect a certain level of entertainment. This is when you need a dj for a wedding. DJs encourage guests to the dance floor and will pick songs that they know will get people dancing. They essentially host the evening entertainment and will engage with your guests, encouraging them to have a good time – which of course they will be as it’s a wedding!

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Hiring a Photographer 

This could arguable be one of the most important things to consider when sorting out things for your wedding. At Studio 29 photography we have shot many weddings and understand the importance of capturing the right shots for a wedding. They say a photo can say a million words and that is especially true when it comes to the photos at your wedding. These photos you will look at for the rest of your life which is why it’s so important to get the right photographer on the day. 

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When planning a wedding it’s important to set a budget for all the different purchases you think you will be making. One purchase that is pretty much unavoidable is flowers. Nearly every wedding you go to will have some sort of flower arrangement, whether that be a bouquet for the bride, a signing table bouquet, or centerpieces with flowers in them. Before deciding what flowers to use, it’s always worth creating a Pinterest board to give yourself some inspiration. Make sure you get quotes from multiple supplies as the costs can vary. 

milwaukee wedding ivy house

Other Evening Entertainment 

Alongside your DJ, do you require other evening entertainment? Some weddings like to have a photo booth, some will opt for a casino table or maybe you hire a magician? With so many different things to choose from the possibilities are endless. As mentioned above, consider your budget as most of the time a DJ will be enough, but if you have some spare budget left, you could always use this towards other evening entertainment. 

There are so many things to consider when planning your wedding. Our advice is to create a spreadsheet and list all the things you need and the prices associated with them. Try not to stress and just enjoy the whole process. 

Are you starting to plan your wedding? When are you looking to get married? Is there anything you would like to add to the above? Let us know in the comment box below. 


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