How Letting Go of My Age Makes Me a Great Children’s Photographer


As I get older, I find that age doesn’t define me as much as it used to.

I realize that my age is just a number, and it doesn’t have to hold me back. Instead, it can be something that sets me apart and makes me unique. And that’s one of the things I love about being a Milwaukee family photographer.

I’m not afraid to be silly or to have fun with the kids. I’ll jump in and play with them, which really comes through in my family photos. The kids sense that I’m just like them and feel comfortable with me.

That’s what makes me a great children’s photographer – because I understand what it’s like to be a kid, no matter what my age is.

How Letting Go of My Age Makes Me a Great Children’s Photographer

I greet each and every family with genuine enthusiasm.

I absolutely love what I do; that’s why it’s not difficult for me to get excited about every single session. Being a pretty smiley person in general, I always start out shoots on the most positive note I can. This includes introducing myself to all the little ones and explaining a bit about what we’re doing at the photo shoot in terms they can understand if they seem interested.

I play music.

You know what can be harder than getting kids to pose for photos? Getting kids to pose for photos in complete silence. When I play fun tunes the kids like, I’m able to both break up the quiet and set the tone. I’m not afraid to dance with the kids, either! If dancing’s not their thing, I sometimes like to lead a singalong. This can get the kids smiling and engaged; as a parent, you’ll love how the photos turn out. Trust me.

baby smiling at camera Milwaukee Wisconsin newborn photographer

I get on kids’ level and engage them.

When I work with kids, I usually crouch down to their level and ask them questions. I speak softly and enthusiastically, figuring out if they love dinosaurs, Barbies, fairies, firetrucks, or anything and everything in between. If a little one starts to get fussy, this can help me find the most effective tools to distract them.

I play and have fun!

Even though I’m in my 30s,  I tend to quickly forget when working with kids. Kids’ excitement, curiosity, and enthusiasm are infectious, and I love meeting them where they are. That said, I never hesitate to get silly—I can draw upon the kids’ interests to encourage them to play and have fun during a session. In my experience, a bit of playtime often creates adorable photo-ops you’ll love.

I remember that being present produces the most wonderful images.

All families and kids are unique. A huge part of my job as a photographer is to capture your joy, love, sweetness, and quirks. Often, this means simply being in the moment; I’m always happy to direct or facilitate a bit when necessary, but I know no shoot is “perfect.” Rather, I want them to feel quintessential, genuinely you.

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