When Should I Book My Baby’s Newborn Photography Session


When Should I Book My Baby’s Newborn Photography Session with Studio 29?

If you know you want to work with me, it’s never too early to get on my calendar.

Here’s Why: Reserving your newborn session does NOT mean you are booking an exact date for your session. This is impossible since birth dates are unpredictable! When you reserve a session with me, you are guaranteed a session for your baby!

When your baby arrives, you simply let us know when they have arrived, and we will go from there in scheduling the date for your newborn photos.

I know you’re most likely very busy with all the baby prep checklist, but do yourself a favor and don’t put this off!

Most of my clients contact us early in their second trimester to guarantee a spot on my calendar.

I can only take a certain number of newborns due each month. I do this to ensure I can deliver the unparalleled level of service you deserve! Has your baby already arrived? All is NOT necessarily lost. Newborn babies tend to arrive earlier or later than their estimated due dates, so there are some months that I DO have the ability to take on a last-minute newborn session.

Get in touch with me right away, and I might be able to fit you in!

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