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Milwaukee Photography Studio for Rent

Apr 18, 2023

A fun natural light photo studio that’s available for hourly, half-day, and full-day rentals. With plenty of windows, the space is brightly lit all day! 

The “Green Room” Photography Studio Space is a naturally lit, plant-filled, modern portrait photography

studio available for rent in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Read more about our Milwaukee Photography Studio for rent.

Studio 29’s Photography Studio Space is Milwaukee’s best-kept secret for photographers looking for a professional photography studio!

With giant north and east-facing windows giving you clean, consistent natural light all day long, this 1000-square-foot studio space is perfect for your next photoshoot!

The polished concrete floors and flat white walls provide the perfect backdrop for any photo shoot, and the complimentary seamless paper backdrop ensures you’ll have everything you need to get your vision started!

Visit our Instagram Page to see up-to-date photos of the ever-evolving space.

The Green Room is the perfect ambient light portrait studio to rent for your next best session! Our unique studio space is the perfect location to bring your clients.

The Green Room Photography Studio Space is 1000 square feet and can accommodate portraits, product photoshoots, professional headshots, small business branding photos, intimate weddings, and small workshops.

Book the Photography Studio Space NOW

photography studio with plants 

Studio 29’s natural light photography studio is available for rent by the hour.

Located in Bay View, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Studio 29 Photography was founded in 2010 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We’ve always aimed to be friendly, supportive, and approachable. And that is why we allow photographers and creatives to rent our modern Milwaukee Photography Studio Space!

The 1000 sqft. open floor plan studio is relaxed and inviting with neutral tones. Huge windows fill the room with ample sunlight. The white walls and neutral flooring reflect a minimalist look.⁠

The studio enjoys North and East sun exposure. Room darkening shades are on the east-facing windows, so you can adjust the light accordingly. Close to the third ward makes it the perfect place to seamlessly transition from in-studio to outdoor if you wish!⁠

Please email us directly for more information about renting our photography studio space: Ren @foto-29.com

Photography Studio Rental Details:

  • Our Milwaukee Photography Studio is located in the Lincoln Warehouse in Bay View along the KK River.
  • We have incredible natural light coming from our 2 walls of North and East facing windows. Black and white backdrops and plenty of modern seating options. We also have a modern geometric Chasing Paper covered wall.
  • Our studio is 1000 sq. feet – large enough for solo branding sessions, families, and e-commerce projects!
  • We have a wide selection of chairs, a West Elm couch living room set-up, 3 seamless savage paper backdrops, incredible lighting, free parking, and a coffee shop on the first floor!
  • It is a natural light studio – but you can bring in whatever lighting equipment you want.
  • Our studio is modern, clean, and ideal for family, newborn, product, and branding photography sessions.
  • We have a living room vignette featuring West Elm throw pillows, a couch, and cozy blankets.
  • See more photos and tag @thegreenroom_photostudio to have your photos featured! 

girl smiling sitting in chair with plantsMilwaukee photo studio for rent

framed dog photos

green plants on the wall

monstera houseplant

Milwaukee Wisconsin Family Photographer

Milwaukee photo studio for rentghost chairs with geometric wall

With its natural light and classic, calming vibes, the Green Room in Bay View is the perfect place to capture your special moments. Enjoy cozy blankets beaming with sunshine alongside live houseplants that add a beautiful splash of color – all beneath elegant white walls and sleek concrete flooring!

woman smiling in boho chair with plants children in studio on brown backdrop in chair   plants on a table

Transform Your Photography Game: Book Our Photography Studio Now!

Ideal Lighting Conditions for Your Next Photoshoot

Our Photography Studio Rental offers the ideal lighting conditions for photographers who want to capture stunning portraits without any technical difficulties. With giant north and east-facing windows, our studio provides consistent and clean natural light all day long. This means that you won’t have to worry about setting up lights.

Spacious, Comfortable, and Professional

Our studio provides a spacious and comfortable environment for photographers, ensuring that you and your clients feel relaxed and at ease throughout the shoot. Our studio boasts beautiful decor, making it the perfect professional environment to capture those perfect moments.

Convenient and Central Location

The Green Room is centrally located, making it the perfect place to capture stunning portraits in the heart of the city.

Affordable Rental Pricing

We offer affordable rental options for our studio, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

A Creative Space to Bring Your Vision to Life

If you’re looking to create something unique and special, our The Green Room is the perfect location to bring your vision to life. Our studio is designed to provide a creative environment, enabling you to capture stunning portraits and create one-of-a-kind memories.

The Benefits of a Clean and Spotless Studio

We understand how important it is to have a clean and spotless studio. We take great pride in maintaining strict cleaning policies, ensuring that our studio is always clean and ready for you to get started with your shoot. A clean studio means you can focus on your photography and create beautiful images without worry.

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