Wrigley At the Beach


Hey there, Milwaukee pet lovers! 🐶 Are you ready to turn your furry best friend into a work of art?  I’m Ren from Studio 29 Photography, your friendly neighborhood Milwaukee Dog Portrait Photographer, and I’m here to make your pup the star of the show!

📷 With a passion for pooches and a knack for capturing their unique personalities, I specialize in crafting stunning portraits that will melt your heart. Whether your fur baby is a playful pup or a wise old soul, I’m here to showcase their beauty with every click of the shutter.

🏞️ Milwaukee’s diverse backdrop provides endless opportunities for enchanting photoshoots. From lakeside adventures to urban explorations, we’ll find the perfect setting to bring out your dog’s character and charm. 🌆🏖️

Why choose me as your go-to Milwaukee Dog Portrait Photographer?

✨ 13+ years of experience working with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. 📸 A keen eye for detail, ensuring every whisker is in place and every tail is wagging. 🤗 Patience and a knack for making your pup feel right at home in front of the camera.

🐾 Let’s create timeless memories together! Reach out today to schedule your dog’s very own photoshoot, and let’s celebrate their unique spirit. 🎉

Contact me, and let’s capture the magic of your Milwaukee pup’s personality on camera! 🐕✨

couple with their dog husband and wife playing with dog at the beach husband and wife playing tug with dog at the beach a yellow lab at the beach a couple with their dog posing at the beach husband and wife petting their dog black and white photo of a couple walking down the beach with their dog a woman kissing her dog at the beacha couple walking down the beach with their dog

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