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Are you tired of kids flashing fake smiles? You’re not alone. Photographers and Moms know this struggle too well. Trying to capture that genuine smile from a child can be like finding a needle in a haystack. I’ve been there. Trust me. But what if I told you there’s a way to turn that around?

I’ve cracked the code to capture authentic smiles from kids.


And I’m sharing my exact method in my new digital guide: “Beyond, ‘Say Cheese!’ – How to Capture Genuine Smiles from Children.”
This digital guide is a treasure trove for both Seasoned Photographers and Savvy Moms armed with an iPhone!

BUY NOW & Put An End to Fake Smiles!

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Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover inside:

  • 🔍 Understanding Kid’s Minds: Unravel the mystery of their thoughts and feelings.
  • 🎉 Over 150 Fun Prompts: Say goodbye to awkward poses and forced smiles.
  • 🚀 Handling Tantrums and Shyness: Smooth sailing even in the toughest situations.
  • 🤝 Gaining Trust: I’ll show you how to become a child’s best friend in no time.
  • 🗣 Mastering Communication: Learn the language of laughter and joy.
  • 📸 Photoshoot Prep: From equipment to environment, everything you need for that perfect shot.

And that’s not all…

  • 🌟 Exclusive Bonus #1: iPhone Photography secrets: Capture magic with the camera in your pocket!
  • 🌟 Exclusive Bonus #2: Building Client Relationships: Turn one-time shoots into lifelong connections!
  • 🌟 Exclusive Bonus #3: 100+ Smile Sparkers: 100+ examples of the exact things I say during my family sessions to get kids to smile, laugh, and interact with me!
Photographers and parents, this is your moment. Grab your guide now and watch those genuine smiles light up your lens!

beyond say cheese ebook guide product images

A Photography “Posing” Guide Like No Other

As a seasoned photographer, I’ve seen the full spectrum of family dynamics during photoshoots—from shared sibling laughter to the challenges of engaging a shy toddler. The true beauty of family life emerges in these unscripted, candid moments. This guide, born from years of experience and a passion for capturing the essence of childhood, is not just a collection of tips; it’s a journey into the heart of family photography.

More Than A Posing Guide!

“Beyond, ‘Say Cheese!'” is much more than a photography posing guide – it’s a practical and inspiring approach to capturing childhood’s real, unscripted moments. This guide invites you to embrace the energy and spontaneity of working with kids, transforming every photoshoot into a fun, memorable experience. You’ll learn how to naturally connect with children, turning your photography sessions into adventures that reveal the true spirit of family life.

What’s Inside?

  • Understanding Kid’s Cognitive and Emotional Development: Learn how children think and feel and why this is crucial in capturing their true selves.
  • Over 125 Playful Prompts and Games: A treasure trove of ideas to engage children and elicit authentic smiles.
  • Navigating Challenges: Strategies for dealing with tantrums, shyness, and disinterest, ensuring a smooth photoshoot experience.
  • Building Trust with Tiny Humans: My tested methods for gaining the trust of young ones, ensuring they’re comfortable in front of the camera.
  • Effective Communication Techniques: Master the art of talking to children in a way that encourages natural, joyful expressions.
  • Preparing for the Photoshoot: Comprehensive advice on equipment, timing, location, and crafting your artistic vision.

Exclusive Bonus Guides:

  • “How to Capture Your Kids With Your iPhone”: Dive into the world of smartphone photography and learn how to make the most of your device.
  • “Beyond the Camera: How to Build Strong Client Relationships”: A guide to creating lasting connections with your clients, essential for any family photographer.


Ready to transform your approach to family photography? To create lasting memories and beautiful, authentic images? “Beyond, ‘Say Cheese!'” is your ticket to a world where every click counts and every smile tells a story.


Who is this guide for?

“Beyond, ‘Say Cheese!'” is designed for everyone who is passionate about capturing authentic smiles! Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a beginner with a keen interest, or a mom armed with nothing but her iPhone, this guide provides valuable insights and practical tips to enhance your photography skills.

Do I need professional photography equipment to use this guide?

Not at all! This guide offers effective techniques and tips regardless of the equipment you use. Whether you have a high-end camera or just your smartphone, you’ll find valuable advice to improve your photography.

How can this guide help me with difficult photoshoots involving kids?

The guide addresses common challenges like managing tantrums, shyness, and disinterest. It provides strategies and approaches to navigate these situations smoothly, ensuring a positive experience for both the photographer and the child.

Are there any tips for smartphone photography?

Yes! The guide includes a bonus section dedicated to smartphone photography, offering tips and tricks for capturing high-quality images of your children using just your iPhone.

Can this guide help me grow my photography business?

Absolutely. Along with photography tips, the guide includes an exclusive bonus guide on building strong client relationships. This section is crucial for photographers looking to enhance their client interaction and ensure repeat lifelong customers!

How detailed are the signature photo prompts and games included in the guide?

The guide includes over 150 detailed play prompts and games. These are designed to engage children of various ages and personalities, helping you capture genuine smiles and expressions.

How do I use this guide?

The guide is practical and user-friendly, providing real-life examples and scenarios that you can apply to your photography sessions. It’s designed to be a hands-on resource you can refer to before and during your photoshoots.

What makes this guide different from other photography posing books and courses?

“Beyond, ‘Say Cheese!'” stands out due to its focus on the authentic and emotional aspects of children’s photography. It combines practical photography skills with insights into child behavior and psychology, offering a holistic approach to capturing childhood moments.

How can I purchase “Beyond, ‘Say Cheese!'”?

You can purchase the guide directly from this page! Just click on the “Buy Now” button and follow the instructions to complete your purchase.

Who the heck is Ren Lenhof, and how Can She Help Me?

Reasonable questions! I am a family and commercial brand photographer, and beyond that, I am a storyteller, wife, daughter, friend, sister, dog mom, AND somebody who has had a really fun career so far; at this point in my life, what really lights me up is helping other people do the same!! I love helping other people find joy and success in their paths!!

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