Mastering Toddler Tantrums During Photoshoots


Hello Moms & Photographers! Today we are going to talk about something that is part of toddlers: tantrums.

If you’ve ever had a photoshoot with little ones (or spent a day with one), you know that toddler tantrums can be a real challenge. But fear not!  First off, they are completely normal and all part of being a toddler! And, more importantly, with some understanding, patience, and a few tricks up your sleeve, you can turn those tears into smiles and capture beautiful moments!

Today, I’m sharing some tried and true tips from our handy educational guide “Beyond Say Cheese” to help you navigate these tricky situations like a pro.

Understanding Toddler Tantrums

First, it’s important to understand that tantrums are a natural part of toddler development. They’re not just acting out – they’re often overwhelmed by big emotions they can’t fully express yet. Recognizing this can help us approach tantrums with empathy and patience.

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Tips to Navigate Toddler Tantrums During Photo Sessions

1. Create a Calm Environment

Overstimulation is a common trigger for tantrums. Try to maintain a calm and soothing atmosphere during the shoot. Soft lighting, familiar objects, and a quiet space can make a big difference.

2. Validate Their Feelings

Acknowledging a child’s feelings can be incredibly soothing. A simple “I see you’re upset, and that’s okay” lets them know they’re heard and understood.

3. Empower with Choices

Giving toddlers a sense of control can help mitigate tantrums. Offer simple choices like, “Do you want to hold the red balloon or the blue one?” This small decision-making process can make them feel involved and important.

4. Use Positive Language

Frame your requests positively. Instead of saying, “Don’t run,” try “Let’s walk over here together.” Positive language promotes cooperation and a happier environment.

5. Incorporate Movement

If a child is restless, channel that energy into the shoot. Ask them to jump, twirl, or play. This not only helps release their energy but also leads to some fun, candid shots.

6. Offer Comfort

Sometimes, all a child needs is a short break. A favorite snack, a cuddle, or their beloved toy can offer comfort and a chance to reset.

Embracing the Imperfect

Remember, the goal isn’t to have a ‘perfect’ shoot but to capture the genuine essence of family and childhood. Embrace the unpredictable nature of working with toddlers. The candid moments, the laughter, and even the tears are all part of the story you’re capturing.


Handling toddler tantrums gracefully is all about patience, understanding, and a bit of creativity. These tips aren’t just for photographers – they’re great for parents, too. Next time you’re faced with a little one mid-meltdown, remember these strategies. You’ll be surprised at how quickly a challenging situation can turn into a beautiful, authentic moment.

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Until next time, keep those smiles ready and embrace every moment – tantrums included! 📷❤️

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