Dress to Express: Finding Your Postpartum Style


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Hey there, new mama! I’m giving you a big high-five through the screen for stepping into this wild, beautiful journey of motherhood. Let’s be real, it’s not just a baby you’ve brought into the world – your whole life’s gotten a makeover, and your closet? It’s time for that to catch up too. You’re the same you, just with more love (and less sleep). Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of getting your post-baby fashion groove back. We’re talking comfy, cute, and oh-so-you.

You may be asking yourself, what colors and patterns will photograph nicely with your new curves? What should you do when your little one spits up on your outfit minutes before the photoshoot? How can accessories add dimension to your look, without overdoing it? Rest assured — as a new mom in this exciting, evolving chapter of life, these questions are completely normal. In today’s blog post I’ll share some of my top tips for what to wear postpartum to your family photos.


Understanding Your Postpartum Body

Your body has just been through a miraculous marathon. You may find yourself grappling with postpartum weight, a shifting silhouette, and a wardrobe screaming for a gentle revamp. This stage invites you to embrace and celebrate these changes while finessing the art of dressing for comfort and confidence. Here’s how:

  • Celebrate the journey: Admire the new lines, curves, and beauty of your postpartum body. It has achieved the miraculous.
  • Dress for comfort: Seek out fabrics that pamper your skin and silhouettes that love your curves. A blend of stretchy, breathable, and flowy is where it’s at.
  • Feel confident: Whatever you wear, let it be a costume of confidence. You are not hiding; you are revealing a new aspect of who you are.

Where to Find Postpartum Clothes Online

Carving out time for a good in-person shop can be hard when you don’t have a brand new person to take care of. For clothes that are specifically designed for this time in your life, check out these online retailers:

  • Kindred Bravely: The nursing and maternity wear retailer is packed with comfortable items you will love to live in during your postpartum months, from cute tops and dresses to jumpsuits and soft pajamas. There are so many great options on this site!
  • HATCH Collection: HATCH is the ultimate destination for premium items that will support you throughout your pregnancy journey and beyond. While other retailers offer clothing specifically designed for pregnancy and postpartum, HATCH stands out with its dedicated post-maternity section, catering to this unique and transformative time in your life.
  • Nordstrom: Nordstrom provides a diverse selection of designer postpartum clothing, including essential pieces, stylish dresses, and trendy tops for evenings out.

Flattering Fashion for the Lenses

Dive deep into the art of picking pieces that frame the radiant mom you are. It’s about celebrating your journey with outfits that resonate with the heart.

  • Body-positive fashion: Seek out items that make you smile when you catch your reflection. Flowy dresses, textured tops, and high-waisted jeans can do wonders.
  • Accentuate the positives: Find joy in accentuating your favorite features. Love your hair? Let those locks cascade. Adore your arms? Pick a sleeveless top or open shoulder top. Have fun with it!
  • My Top Recommendations: Begin by selecting a color palette that resonates with you and complements your postpartum skin tone—soft pastels or rich jewel tones can work wonders in enhancing natural radiance. Opting for coordinated colors among family members creates visual harmony without looking overly matched; think complementary shades rather than identical hues.The quintessential maxi dress is both forgiving and elegant—a perfect choice for flattering your figure while allowing ease of movement (which we know is key when corralling little ones). If dresses aren’t quite your thing, try pairing high-waisted skirts with tucked-in blouses; this combo accentuates the narrowest part of your waistline.

    Layering pieces like cardigans or blazers can be strategically worn open to elongate lines down the body’s center adding dimension—and they’re easily shed if warmth becomes discomfort during outdoor shoots. Fabrics should breathe life into function: jersey knit stretches gently where needed but retains form elegantly; chambray offers denim appeal minus stiffness making it camera-ready casual chic!

Choosing the Right Colors for Pictures

The key is to approach postpartum style with confidence, creativity, and a dash of practicality. Adapting to your changing body and lifestyle doesn’t have to mean sacrificing personal style. I always recommend wearing white, cream, beige, black, warm neutrals or light pastels.

White is a timeless color that perfectly complements the newness and innocence of a baby. Neutrals are an excellent choice to ensure the focus remains on the baby rather than your attire. If you want to coordinate your outfits with the nursery, pastels offer that delightful “new baby” look.

For moms concerned about concealing their post-maternity belly, black is the go-to color. However, rest assured that I shoot at angles that avoid highlighting that part of your body, so please don’t worry too much about it!

Amplifying Your Outfit with Accessories

Incorporate these styling essentials to infuse depth and character into even your most basic ensembles:

  • Strategic jewelry: A statement necklace, chunky earrings, or a stack of bracelets can take any outfit to the next level.
  • The shoe story: Comfort doesn’t mean compromising on style. Invest in a pair of chic flats, mules, or low-heeled booties.


Postpartum fashion is not just about the clothes; it’s about the confidence they ignite, the comfort they provide, and the stories they tell. Whether you’re donning a flowy dress for a family portrait or slipping into cozy loungewear for a quiet night in, the common thread is you — the remarkable, radiant mother within!!

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