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Nate + Fran presented us with such a great Thank You gift!! Cody Road Whisky + William Sonoma Spiced Pumpkin Punch mix! Now, that these have been fully photographed, we will enjoy them! milwaukee food photography, william sonoma, cocktail, thank you, studio 29 photography

  what do i do with leftover flowers from my favorite florist? duh. i go buy a bottle of wine and take pretty pictures of it.  so i went to this fortune teller and she said, “soon, you will meet a tall, dark stranger.” and the next thing you know . . . this wine is […]

Brunch. Thank you, Guy Beringer for inventing the incredible Sunday meal known as, Brunch. Ask me to go to Brunch and I will never say no. Although, on Sundays I do not wake up from the normal “hangover” I do suffer from the wedding photographer’s hangover; sore feet, sore forearms, sore shoulders, and a tired […]

C and I spent another Sunday morning at our favorite breakfast joint in Walker’s Point, National Cafe. We always get the PB Rice Krispie and eat it before our food comes out. Only one difference with this visit’s ordering is I tired an Arnold Palmer instead of my normal cup of Anodyne Coffee. We sat […]

Smooth is the new beard. Only because Caleb​ can’t grow one. 😉 This week Caleb’s officially joined the “Smartest Man in the (Bath)room Club” by signing up for Harry’s. If you are unfamiliar, Harry’s is a customizable online shaving plan that ensures you have a shaver, fresh blades, and quality shaving gel & cream delivered […]

Although brunch is always a convivial experience, conversing over beyond-excellent food, in an unfamiliar city is always a great end to the weekend. Before returning home this weekend, we went out for Sunday brunch in the windy city. We were advised to go to Little Goat by R+M. I am so glad they offered their […]

Recently, Caleb and I went to Goodkind with some friends for Sunday Brunch. I cannot put into words how fantastic this place was. Our entire brunch was one to rave about several hours after the meal had ended. With new restaurants popping up at record pace, I believe that Milwaukee is developing some serious culinary-cred. Neighborhoods like […]

I am so lucky to be working with Honey Acres! They are re-designing their online presence and packing for their SUPER tasty honey and honey products. This week I finished shooting their newly designed packages of honey chocolates. My studio smelled so amazing and my upcoming vacation to Mexico was my only hope for resisting […]

Today is a good day. A very, very good day. And the reason? I cannot express how thrilled I am to have been featured for a fourth time this month. Today, Studio 29 Photography was picked as Wisconsin Photographer of the Week on BP4U Photography Tips & Guides!!! See my newest feature HERE! Brooke Bustillos created BP4U Photography […]

This weekend my friends Jessica + Alex came to visit. Before heading to the MKE Zoo, we had brunch at Cafe Bavaria. Milwaukee Food Photography || Studio 29 Photography

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