Hi Hi! I hope you all had a fantastic week! Last week was amazing – my mom visited me from VA, we saw the Blue Angels at the MKE Air Show, hosted another GGT Shoot-Along ((it was a huge success)), did some more planning for projects around the house and yard, started reading a new […]

Happy Monday World! Sorry for the lack of personalized Monday posts – – I’ve been über busy!  We photographed a wedding in Iceland. G+J were the sweetest couple ever and their family and friends were SO appreciative and inviting. It was a wonderful experience!! That was our THIRD time in Iceland and we have plans […]

Happy Monday! We had another jam packed weekend with a M+C’s baby shower, Ashley’s birthday party, Caleb played in a golf tourney, hockey game, a concert, and a tour of the Pabst Mansion paired with a wine tasting. I found this list of questions and I thought answering 26 of them would be appropriate for […]

Happy Monday! I hope you all had an incredible weekend! Ours was jam packed with a wedding on Friday and Saturday, my brother + sister-in-law visiting for the weekend, a trip to the South Shore Farmers Market, celebrating Father’s Day with Caleb’s parents over a large Hawaiian Pizza at Transfer, putting the soft-top on the […]

Hello World! I must apologize because I was unable to post an OMMM post last week, but not because I was lazy – – but because we have just been go-go-go non-stop! Caleb and I woke up this morning and realized we’ve had weddings, consults, and sessions non-stop since early May. So, with that said, today […]

GUYS!!!! THREE new styling/food photography background boards are up for SALE!!! The Vik, The New York, and The Seattle! Bop on over to GirlsGoneTransparent.com and get yours today!!! #girlsgonetransparent

Memorial Day Car Ride Picks! // On My Mind Monday I hope you all had amazing Memorial Day Weekend! Special thanks to all of the brave men and women who have given and continue to give their lives so that I may spend this weekend with those I love most. Caleb and I spent the […]

A to Z Get to Know Me // On My Mind Monday  Hi! Happy Monday! Caleb and I are back from our 8 day getaway; 4 days in Scotland and 4 in Northern Iceland. I love Iceland so much and we are lucky enough to go there 3 times in a 12 months span. We […]

Happy Monday!!! I am so excited because in just a few short days we are going to be getting picked up and taken to Chicago, enjoying a glass of wine in the terminal and perhaps a soft-pretzel, and then boarding our plane to Reykjavik! We have an hour layover before out next flight to Glasgow […]

Blackberry Citrus Gin Fizz // On My Mind Monday Sunday morning’s upper 60 degree weather had me day dreaming of afternoons in the hammock enjoying a summery beverage. Despite the rapid drop in temperature yesterday afternoon, when Caleb got home from golfing we tested out a fun recipe and it was pretty darn great! Cheers […]

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