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On Saturday, April 1st at Onesto we hosted the first Girls Gone Transparent: Photography 101 Workshop and it was a huge success! Autumn, Ron, Caleb and I worked so hard to put our very first workshop together this weekend and I am so proud to have taken part in such a rewarding workshop. Over the […]

Food is often the highlight of, if not the BEST reason for a day trip to Chicago. Ashley (from Midwestern Bride) and I explored, sipped, and chewed our day away and it was marvelous. Our last stop was @momotarochicago. I shared some on my instagram story yesterday, but here are some more snaps from yesterday. Studio 29 Photography // Chicago […]

Go ahead and raise your hand if you have a DSLR. Okay, go ahead and keep it raised if you have no idea how to use it? OR maybe you kinda-sorta-maybe have the hang of it, but just are never completely satisfied with your photos. Or maybe you once knew what you were doing, but […]

Today’s On My Mind Monday post is dedicated to my incredible husband, Caleb. Thank you for being so handy, helpful, and patient. We had a crazy-busy weekend; on Friday, we had dinner with friends at Elsa’s before seeing Jerry Seinfeld at the Riverside. On Saturday, we throughly cleaned our home and packed several bags for […]

Hello!!! We are Autumn & Ren, owners of Autumn Silva Photography & Studio 29 Photography! Shortly after meeting at a photography workshop we instantly became close friends. Bonding over our love for photography, family, traveling, and our fluffy dogs we soon realized we had SO much in common it was almost scary. Having met at […]

Alongside Ashley, stylist and owner of Midwestern Bride, I had the privilege to take photos of a few menu items for Chef Jason Tofte’s newest restaurant located in downtown Waukesha. Here is a beautiful breakdown of what we accomplished that morning; guest post by Ashley: There is nothing better than expanding your food scene in […]

As my business grows I realize more and more that no amount of income or success will ever change the negative or anxiety induced thought patterns I may fall into. But, investing in myself and working to overcome my own counterproductive thought patterns will help me reach my largest business dreams and serve my clients better. It always seems easier for […]

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Caleb and I were in Denver since Thursday, photographing incredible J+B’s wedding festivities at The Denver Art Museum. I really love traveling, but I always miss our doggy so much. In honor of missing Kenzo, today’s On My Mind Monday is all about him. He is an […]

A good first impression is so important to any relationship and starts with an incredibly elementary behavior of communication; saying “Hello.”   When I meet someone for the first time I know that their manners, tone of voice, and eye contact will all have an effect on me, but, the initial greeting is what really sets […]

Today, I am sharing a list of my Winter Skin Care Favorites. Winter is undoubtedly a beautiful time of the year for a photo session or wedding, but it definitely can create chaos for your skin and complexion.  Here are 6 inexpensive products to help you take care of your skin before your photo session […]

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