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Hello World! I must apologize for the absence of posts, but I promise you, I have SO much to share with you! Let’s rewind to 13 weeks ago, we picked up our new pup Vík! Caleb and I took an evening flight on Friday night to Louisville, KY. We landed around 11:30pm and then checked […]

Hi Hi!! It’s Monday and for today’s On My Mind Monday entry I am going to share some new life happenings + fun stuff! This weekend we started our Sunporch/Entryway Make-Over, which consisted of me tearing the wood floor panels up yesterday. I annihilated that room and had a blast doing it! I will be […]

Owning a home is SO dang fun! Caleb and I love our home and are always dreaming about how to make it perfect. We did the same with our old house in the 5th Ward (which we are now renting out) and continue doing it to our current home. Our current home is in beautiful […]

Hi Hi! I hope you all had a fantastic week! Last week was amazing – my mom visited me from VA, we saw the Blue Angels at the MKE Air Show, hosted another GGT Shoot-Along ((it was a huge success)), did some more planning for projects around the house and yard, started reading a new […]

Happy Monday World! Sorry for the lack of personalized Monday posts – – I’ve been über busy!  We photographed a wedding in Iceland. G+J were the sweetest couple ever and their family and friends were SO appreciative and inviting. It was a wonderful experience!! That was our THIRD time in Iceland and we have plans […]

Happy Monday! We had another jam packed weekend with a M+C’s baby shower, Ashley’s birthday party, Caleb played in a golf tourney, hockey game, a concert, and a tour of the Pabst Mansion paired with a wine tasting. I found this list of questions and I thought answering 26 of them would be appropriate for […]

Happy Monday! I hope you all had an incredible weekend! Ours was jam packed with a wedding on Friday and Saturday, my brother + sister-in-law visiting for the weekend, a trip to the South Shore Farmers Market, celebrating Father’s Day with Caleb’s parents over a large Hawaiian Pizza at Transfer, putting the soft-top on the […]

Hello World! I must apologize because I was unable to post an OMMM post last week, but not because I was lazy – – but because we have just been go-go-go non-stop! Caleb and I woke up this morning and realized we’ve had weddings, consults, and sessions non-stop since early May. So, with that said, today […]

Memorial Day Car Ride Picks! // On My Mind Monday I hope you all had amazing Memorial Day Weekend! Special thanks to all of the brave men and women who have given and continue to give their lives so that I may spend this weekend with those I love most. Caleb and I spent the […]

A to Z Get to Know Me // On My Mind Monday  Hi! Happy Monday! Caleb and I are back from our 8 day getaway; 4 days in Scotland and 4 in Northern Iceland. I love Iceland so much and we are lucky enough to go there 3 times in a 12 months span. We […]

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