Dec 5

… Please share your coffee with me … No? … Alright, fine. I’ll chew on your book! // Willie is a little brat.


Dec 28

me, my caffeine, and my camera  

AppaRENtly, Caribou is genius for more than their coffee drinks. Check out these glass insulators made into lights. . . I am in awe. I must have them ((someday)) for my place of living. song of the day . . . by PRETTY LIGHTS: FINALLY MOVING


Sep 26

Milwaukee Photos available for Print Song of the moment : Everlong – Foo Fighters


Sep 24

Busy days make me rely on so much coffee . . . and today I am missing the days I spent in Pittsburg more than ever because of a special place where Helen, Tom & I got coffee: The Nicholas Coffee and Tea shop. I would like an iced sugar free, non-fat, cupcake latte please!

2 Facts: sudoku can be too tricky to solve Alterra doesn’t sell Rockstar energy drinks


Jul 19

(I took this photo for my butterfly-adoring-sister) and here is one of me … such a rarity.  rochambo has the best iced chai in milwaukee – wait – correction, the entire midwest.

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