Congrats to the newlyweds Desiree + Appesh! Over 200 guests joined them in the city the happy couple first met – Madison, Wi. They tied the knot via two ceremonies at the Madison Concourse Hotel; a Hindu Ceremony and a Civil Ceremony. See Part One Here: Hindu Ceremony  After the Hindu Ceremony we went to […]

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Both personal and  Studio 29 Facebook pages have been blowing up with sweetness! Thank you Andrea + Jerry (and all of your friends) for your kind commentary on your engagement photos. 🙂 To say that we liked our photographer is great….to say that we loved our photographer is even better…to say that we are obsessed with […]

The cold weather did not stop us. Andrea + Dave were all smiles during yesterday’s chilly engagement session. . . . There’s a want and there’s a need  There’s a history between  Girls like you and guys like me  Cowboys and angels (A+D’s first dance song)  

Using photos from your engagement session to create a 10 spread (20 page) photo guest book. “What is love?” wails Haddaway in his famous hit from 1992. Though there are infinite answers to this epic question, some have put it so eloquently as to stand the test of time. This book includes 9 inspiring quotes […]

Hello readers – – I had PRK eye surgery done and I have been MIA for quite a few days. The last week has been spent laying in the dark, with sunglasses, listening to internet radio. Due to the extreme pain, sheer blindness, and light sensitive eyes I have basically been out of commission and […]

eagerly awaiting Christmas & precious hugs

Tonya & Josh’s engagement session has been published on this Milwaukee Wedding blog. Check it out! >>

LOVE seeing my photos from engagement sessions used on Save the Date Designs.

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