You hear me talk about repeat clients again and again and today is going to be more of the same. I absolutely LOVE photographing the same families year after year! I love watching their lives change and unfold! Not only is it flattering that so many of you trust me and keep coming back – […]

Studio 29 Photography loves Pet Portraits!

Snow Dog

Jan 30

Gift Card

Nov 20


Nov 2

Willie was adopted from the Watertown Humane Society a month ago. He is the sweetest little kitty … err puppy. Sorry, Willie, you can not work the keyboard. Sorry, Willie, you will never catch the cursor. Sorry, Willie, you can not eat quinoa salad. Sorry, Willie, scented candles are not for licking. Sorry, Willie, you […]

Thank You

Oct 18

I have now reached the middle of  an incredibly hectic and stressful month. I am so happy to be/have working/worked in Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, and Wisconsin. I wanted to write how grateful I am to be so busy doing what I love. I still can’t believe it … life is beyond great. Thank you […]


Jun 26

Beagle + Blue Heeler + Retriever = Ortiz

7.4 miles

Jan 22

Started off the day with Steel Oats with Strawberries from Panera before walking 7.4 miles around DC taking photos of some of the monuments. I also went to the Spy Museum. It was extremely interesting and I learned a lot.


Jan 13

in northeastern PA this weekend. Took a drive and snapped some photos. Song of the moment: Save Me – Gotye

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