Last Thursday I flew to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to photograph two pretty amazing people. Their entire day was beyond incredible!  Their unique venue was filled with so many beautiful details and was surrounded by pines and rhododendrons. M+D could not have picked a better place to say I Do! I am so thrilled I was present to capture all the […]


Jan 13

Last time I was in Milwaukee I took these. When I heard about the recent snowfall in the Midwest, I figured it would be appropriate to post some snowy photos.

Post Wedding Pictures with Helen & Tom in beautifully decorated downtown Pittsburgh, PA. I love Bridges!

More engagement photos from downtown Pittsburgh. Engagement Sessions by Studio 29 LLC Please FIND Studio 29 LLC on Facebook!

Infant, Child, & Family Portraits by Studio 29 LLC Destination Photography ; Pittsburgh

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Sep 11

I like photographing here ((Pittsburgh, PA)) Here is me enjoying here . . . Here are some of my favorite parts of the city . . . the Bridges. Did you know that there is a total of 446 bridges are in the city of Pittsburgh?! It is the city with the most bridges in […]

here are my first set of processed photos from Helen & Tom’s day-long-extravaganza of engagement photos in and downtown Pittsburgh. ((more to come soon!)) Weddings & Engagement Session by Studio 29 LLC

we went for an evening walk . . . and Kate learned to skip rocks.  Studio 29 LLC Destination Photography

Today I walked around Pittsburgh. I walked through the Strip District. The Strip District is a northeast of downtown Pittsburgh, it is referred to as “The Strip” by locals. It is a narrow strip of land that runs along the Allegheny River. I enjoyed all of the old factories and warehouses. Many of them have […]

Today I walked around Pittsburgh and scoped out different spots for my engagement session tomorrow with Helen & Tom who will be married November 18th, 2011. Here are some pictures that I took with my phone earlier today and yesterday evening. I will be posting pictures from today’s walk later this evening. Today I had […]

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