In the past few weeks Caleb + I: Went to National Cafe Indulged in Spiderman Ice Cream Enjoyed a Brewers Game Attended a Wedding Reception at the War Memorial  ((we clean up pretty darn nice, eh??)) Dyed Easter eggs and Took Leo for a joy ride in the LeBaron with the top down See more […]

In the midst of editing 5 photo-sessions and a wedding, I had some spare time to work on some new paintings for my upcoming art show. I am so excited to have the opportunity to share more of my work with the world. Stay tuned of more snaps of my inked chaos! Visit HERE to […]

Here are some of my most recent inkings/paintings/randomness . . . You can follow more of my work on SOCIETY 6 or INSTAGRAM! On Society 6 you can purchase Art Prints, T-Shirts, iPhone Cases, Pillows, Shower Curtains, Wrapped Canvases, Clocks & More. There are so many stylish designs featuring my work! Check it! Artwork by Ren Davis […]

When I am not out-and-about taking pretty photos, you can find me painting pretty weird things. Caleb has the elephant hanging in the living room and a the giraffe displayed in the kitchen. I am so happy/honored he likes my chaos. Like it? Want One? Scroll Up and hit Contact on the Left navigation menu. […]

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