C+J are an amazing and incredibly inspiring couple. They have a love that is infectious – – inspiring those around them to love deeper and more honestly. Saturday’s wedding was one big ball of smiles, laughter, and ((happy)) teary eyes. I can’t wait to share more from this incredible wedding….but for now, a little preview! Thank […]

With Krista & her mother being super crafty, they were able to make all of their decorations. And with her family owning a local farm, they were able to celebrate on beautiful acreage with all of their guests. There were many elements of this relaxing + rustic wedding to fall in love with! Their cute hand-painted […]

Amanda + Mike’s wedding was nothing short of delightful. It was laid back, yet had a truly loving community of friends & family. The reception was held at Wern Valley Sportsmens Club and it was the perfect match for their personalities! The venue, flowers, dresses, shoes & decor were unique, personal, crafty  & totally fitting for […]

Nutty-nutty-nutty my love for you  I can’t believe my dreams come true  I’ve finally found somebody whose heart is true  And best of all you love me too ((Janet Jackson || Amy read these lyrics to Darren during the ceremony)) I am still so ecstatic that I had the opportunity to fly back east and spend […]

Yesterday was extraordinary! Amy & Darren were hitched at the Newton White Mansion. Since I am in Washington, DC until Monday, here are just a few images from their day. Check back this week for a more details of their amazing day. Two Beautiful First Look Photos: It is March 10 … here are 10 […]

Rewind. Just a bit. Remember Mel & Jed … the couple that had the fabulous DIY-Vintage themed wedding in Northern Wisconsin? Well, surprise! Their engagement session was featured on a Love Toast. A wedding blog filled with creative ideas! Check out the feature HERE! 

Preview // Congrats to Natalie & Joe! Thank you for letting me capture all the smiles, tears and laughter from your amazing day!

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