Yesterday EJ and I biked to the Brick Store. If you are ever in Decatur or remotely close . . . there is NO reason NOT to try this place. It is amazing. “…  a neighborhood pub where conversation dominates, pints are served properly and in the appropriate glassware, service is friendly and knowledgeable and the […]

Yesterday E.J. taught me a motion blur technique . . .  here is what I shot. And to get you moving here is a recipe  . . . The Tasty – Quick – Goodness Drink 1 pckt Starbucks Iced Via or 1 cup Cooled Coffee 4 Ice cubes 1 Scoop Whey Protein (Vanilla or Chocolate) […]

I think it’s just so awe-inspiring that penquins find their mate and stick with them . . .  “Did you know that penguins mate for life? Although, Mr. Monell told us that sometimes the husband and wife penguins get separated because of their migraine patterns….well, sometimes they’re apart for years, but they almost always find each […]


Oct 5

Today for lunch I walked to the Thinking Man Tavern. The great part of Decatur is that basically everything I could ever want is in walking distance; the gym and  multiple restaurants. For lunch I had the Mango Jerk Veggie Burger ((real mango and jerk seasonings, served on a whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomato, and ketchup)). […]


Oct 4

I have arrived in ATL. Flight was quick. I slept for most of it to the sweet beats of Wiz Khalifa. I will be returning to Milwaukee next week. I will be updating my blog daily, as usual. 🙂

Here are more of Helen & Tom’s engagement photos from Pittsburgh. We went to the park and took some photos with Helen’s dog, Eris. Studio 29 LLC Destination Wedding Photography I LOVE to Travel! Especially if it’s for Photography!

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