Excited to announce we are over 75% booked for 2017 weddings! Congrats to all of the wonderful brides + grooms – – WE cannot wait to work with you! Looking forward to all of the pretty photos we will be taking all over Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, and even Iceland!!! Follow our adventures here and on […]

Although brunch is always a convivial experience, conversing over beyond-excellent food, in an unfamiliar city is always a great end to the weekend. Before returning home this weekend, we went out for Sunday brunch in the windy city. We were advised to go to Little Goat by R+M. I am so glad they offered their […]

me busting some moves . . . in anticipatory excitement for finding Kurt Cobain’s house. I love love love Nirvana. Seeing his house made me super happy & super sad at the same time.  Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are. I’d rather be hated for who I am than […]


Jun 29

Easy flight from Milwaukee to DC. I snapped some pictures from my seat, while I sipped on iced coffee and edited senior portraits from last week. Yesterday I purchased a GoPro 🙂 This week I am going to spend a few days in a cabin at Blackwater Falls State Park. I am so excited to […]


Feb 14

flew to Milwaukee last week. here are some in-flight fotos . . . ((in-flight internet is the greatest))


Oct 5

Today for lunch I walked to the Thinking Man Tavern. The great part of Decatur is that basically everything I could ever want is in walking distance; the gym and  multiple restaurants. For lunch I had the Mango Jerk Veggie Burger ((real mango and jerk seasonings, served on a whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomato, and ketchup)). […]

This morning my sister (resident of Minneapolis) took me to the farmers market and then later in the afternoon we went to the Apple Jack Orchard. I picked several types of apples. I can’t wait to bake some home made apple pie for someone special. 🙂

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