Are You for Me? Am I for You?


I have had a successful and rewarding year and while this totally sounds like a marketing cliché, I know I would not exist without your support. Thank you to all of my clients and photo-followers for your encouragement, feedback, patience, Facebook comments, messages, tweets and re-tweets.
Since I wrote the post announcing that I only had 3 slots to fill for the 2013 Wedding season, I have been pondering whom my last 3 lucky couples will be. Recently, I realized I develop a special bond with specific types of people.
When a couple contacts me, we set up a date to meet for coffee. After our initial meeting, I feel like I gained two new friends. After our engagement session, I am positive that I have two new friends! The friendship I create with my clients is why my photos turn put the way they do. If my clients did not trust me or were uncomfortable around me, there is no way I could capture all I do.

This list is for all of the newly engaged couples that are searching for a wedding photographer

could I be what you’re looking for?

  • I’m for the unique couple. (my advice: be yourself; express yourself by being yourself. “Truth is always strange, stranger than fiction” // Lord Byron)
  • I’m for the creatively open-minded couple. (bring your own ideas and stories to the table. Be willing to share your thoughts, ideas, wishes, and dreams with me, so that we can create photos that disclose the real YOU)
  • I’m for the patient couple. (some ideas take planning, some props take arranging, and photo-editing means a little waiting. I myself, must be patient. There is beauty in waiting attentively in order to capture special/private moments)
  • I’m for the brave couple. (have trust in me when I tell you, “this is gonna look great!”)
  • I’m for the calm couple. (if it rains, please do not fall apart. The weather is just one minor component of your wedding day; you will still get married, still look beautiful, and still be in love)
  • I’m for the über friendly couple. (I am a sensitive individual. Please be nice)
  • I’m for the “i love candids couple. (this is your wedding day … please take part in it! I believe my job as a photographer is to capture moments as they happen, not construct them for you. Of course, formal and requested photos will be directed and positioned, but this is YOUR wedding day … please be you. Do not fear the camera, please act as your would act if I wasn’t even around)
  • I’m for the “Ren, we-are-choosing-you-because-we-genuinely-love-your-photography-couple.” (please, do not pick me as your wedding photographer simply because your mother likes me or because I fall into your budget. Pick me because you love the photos you see. Pick me because you want hangout and let me take pictures of moments as they happen. Pick me because you want to create photos that are far superior than any Pinterest picture you saw)
  • I’m for the animal-loving couple. (I love animals! I have a dog, Leo and two kitties, Zudy & Willie. Truth: I talk about them too much, and I take far too many photos of them. If you have a pet, please tell me about it! Even better … bring it to our engagement session. Actually, EVEN better … bring your pet to your wedding.)

and now a cat photo :


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