Photography and technology is developing constantly and with the possibility of being able to use something such as a drone to assist you in your photography or videography, then there are major opportunities arriving. For event photography, you may have never considered the possibility of using a drone and how that could potentially open up […]

I’ve been dreaming of doing a session at the NCAR Mesa Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado for ages. My dreams came true! What is the NCAR? It is US National Center for Atmospheric Research is a US federally funded research and development center managed by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and funded by the […]

Ryley + Matt Tampa Florida Engagement Session Honeymoon Island || Studio 29 Photography

10 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding in Iceland   When people think of destination weddings, they usually think of the beach: Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Hawaii see their share of beautiful couples. And as long as you’re with the love of your life, any place is the perfect place to get married. But…if you […]

5 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding Wedding planning is one of the most exciting times for couples! There are so many details to plan and execute, and countless options out there. Sometimes the endless choices make it hard to decide what you truly envision and want for your big day, until suddenly you’re knee deep in catering menus, […]

Food is often the highlight of, if not the BEST reason for a day trip to Chicago. Ashley (from Midwestern Bride) and I explored, sipped, and chewed our day away and it was marvelous. Our last stop was @momotarochicago. I shared some on my instagram story yesterday, but here are some more snaps from yesterday. Studio 29 Photography // Chicago […]

Go ahead and raise your hand if you have a DSLR. Okay, go ahead and keep it raised if you have no idea how to use it? OR maybe you kinda-sorta-maybe have the hang of it, but just are never completely satisfied with your photos. Or maybe you once knew what you were doing, but […]

Last Thursday I braved the Chicago summer heat with these newly engaged J+B! It was such a joy spending the evening with their family and friends in a beautiful city, having good conversations, and just celebrating them during this time before their marriage. I am thankful for the both of them and for inviting me […]

Excited to announce we are over 75% booked for 2017 weddings! Congrats to all of the wonderful brides + grooms – – WE cannot wait to work with you! Looking forward to all of the pretty photos we will be taking all over Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, and even Iceland!!! Follow our adventures here and on […]

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