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The most rewarding part of my job is the positive feedback and happy reactions I receive from clients after a wedding or photo session.
Seriously – – A handwritten note, a sweet email, or a text full of smiley faces are all basically hugs and high-fives from my clients that keep me smiling for days.
I have never seen so many LIKES and Positive commentary on the Studio 29 Facebook Page. This month in particular has been incredibly rewarding!
In the mail I have been receiving multiple Thank You Notes, Starbucks gift cards, and even a Polaroid camera from my beyond sweet brides!
A simple verbal Thank You is more than enough!
When a client takes the time to really let me know great she/he felt about the session & the resulting photos, it reassures me I have chosen the right career path and done my job! A Thankful & Happy client is the greatest reward! Not only is it my goal to ensure a client has an amazing time while we are shooting, but also LOVES the end result.
Thank you to all of my clients, their friends and family, my friends and family, and to all of my followers … THANK YOU for truly brightening each day with your kind words and support.

… it is clearly obvious that my clients feed my addiction. I am spoiled. Thank you again!

Today my PX-70 film came.  Cross your fingers for sunny days ahead so I can get outside and put this thing to work! 🙂

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