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K+D’s engagement session deserved two blog postings ((If you missed Part One Check it Out)) because we finished their session at a VERY unique spot. Unique is an understatement. 
Here is the story of the proposal with Taco Bell . . . directly from Katie . . .
Danny and I have been dating since high school. Because of that we always were 5 minutes from one another. So, if Tuesday night I wanted to see Danny quickly, I could. When it was time to head off to college I was going to St. Norbert and Danny was going to Oshkosh, 40ish minutes apart from one another . . . AHHH! We drove up to college on the same day and we pulled off the exit by Oshkosh and pulled into the Taco Bell parking lot. I got out of my car and into Danny’s and we both cried for a good hour, because we did not want to part from each other. After two days at Oshkosh Danny transfered to St. Norbert because we couldn’t or really did not want to be apart.
So . . . Danny, clever guy he is, took me back to that same parking spot in the same Taco Bell parking lot and proposed to me there. He told me that it was the spot he knew he loved me and would love me forever in the car. And I said, “OMMGG . . . YES YES YES YES!!!”


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  1. […] Post HS they had plans to attend different colleges but, for the sake of their relationship, Danny transferred and they both attended St Norbert. Their love story makes me feel all warm and fuzzy … and crave Taco Bell. […]

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